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Friday, September 30, 2022

Remove in these 7 foods from your diet if you want a white teeth.

Remove in these 7 foods from your diet if you want a white teeth.

Gums and teeth are a reflection of your oral health, and what you eat influences their health. Here are 7 foods that stain teeth and make them appear yellow.

Your oral has a lot to do with your impression on a other people. But if your teeth are turning yellow, that is a warning sign and it is bad for your dental health. So, what causes dental stains? The adage “We are what we eat” certainly applies to your oral health. While a some foods might help you whiten to your teeth, there are also some foods that stain teeth and give them a yellow or a brown appearance. Therefore, you must be cut them out of your diet in a order to have a radiant smile.

Foods and drinks that cause a yellow teeth

Along with a maintaining proper oral hygiene, which entails routinely brushing, flossing, and rinsing, we should be  a cautious about in the foods we eat. In actuality, eating a healthy diet can not only help prevent teeth staining but will also improve to your overall oral health.

Health Shots got in a touch with a Deep-ti Locke shape, Ms c Food Science and Nutrition, Senior Consultant-Clinical Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospital, Bengali, to find out which foods are worst for a oral health and make them appear yellow.

Locke shape says, “Having to your morning coffee or your favorite noodles for a lunch might be a doing a lot more than providing you calories and energy. Your dental health is a directly affected by what you eat or a drink. Consuming food items with a dark pigments and acidic content can lead to the stains on your teeth.” So, let’s take a closer look at the food and drink items to the  avoid in order to maintain a bright teeth.

Here are some food and drink items that cause to your teeth to appear yellowish in a color:

1. Coffee and tea

It may be surprising to hear but your favorite beverage such as a tea and coffee contains tannin's that can cause color compounds to stick to your teeth, resulting in yellow teeth. Coffee is also very acidic in a nature, and acidic foods are harmful for a oral health. Instead of them, drink herbal tea to the start your day!

2. Dark cola

Carbonated beverages such as a soda and cola have very acidic pH that can erode the enamel layer which can make your teeth more susceptible to the staining. Plus, chemicals that add flavor in these drinks can also eat away your enamel and promote tooth decay.

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3. Sweets and candies

Everyone agrees on the fact that sugar is the most common enemy of your dental health. Consuming sweets and candies, especially of the dark varieties like a chocolate can be cause staining. Hard candies also come with a pigments that can stick to your teeth. The good news is that they usually would not cause any harm unless you consume those treats often.

4. Soy sauce

You may be like to add a good amount of the soy sauce in your food but your teeth obviously would not like it. The dark brown pigment that it contains can stain your teeth. Over consumption of the highly concentrated sauces like a soy sauce should be a avoided.

5. Citrus and acidic food items

Citric foods like a tomato or a lemon are nutrition packed but these colorful eatables can erode to your enamel layer when consumed in a excessive quantities. They can also a increase to your risk for a developing cavities.

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6. Blueberries, blackberries and pomegranates

Though these fruits are rich in a antioxidants, they are highly pigmented and can be cause stains in your teeth. You should eat them in a moderation

7. Red wine

Whether red or a white, wine can be the reason behind to your grayish teeth that are even harder to remove that yellow staining. The acid present in wine can take a toll on your teeth by a damaging in the enamel and make your teeth more susceptible to become yellow.

It is a important to remember that these food items will be cause staining only when they are consumed in a excess. Therefore, monitor in the quantities you consume to protect to your teeth.

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World Heart Day: 10 warning signs that could be a indicate deteriorating heart health.

World Heart Day: 10 warning signs that could be a indicate deteriorating heart health.

World Heart Day: Considering in the rise in a cases of the heart issues, everyone should be a aware of the signs and symptoms of an a unhealthy heart.

Not all cardiac disorders have a apparent symptoms, so understanding even in the not-so-obvious symptoms is a critical. It can help save a person’s life and help them reach to  a hospital for a timely treatment. Since heart attacks can be happen suddenly, they result from a long-lasting heart disease caused by a various lifestyle factors, including to a faulty diet and lack of the exercise. Maintaining to a healthy lifestyle and gaining to a deeper understanding of the hidden signs and symptoms of an a unhealthy heart can go a long way in a ensuring that a person can maintain his heart health for the longest possible time.

Why is heart health essential, and how are lifestyle factors impacting in the same?

Heart health is a essential for your overall health as the heart is a responsible for a pumping nutrient-rich blood throughout to your body, supplying oxygen, and eliminating toxins and waste.

Making a healthy lifestyle choices can be help prevent and manage heart diseases. Several health issues, as well as your lifestyle, age, and family history, can be increase to your risk of the heart disease.

Some risk factors for a heart diseases are uncontrollable, such as a age and family history. However, you can be reduce to your risk by a modifying in the habits that are in your control.

10 warning signs of the poor heart health that you should always take a seriously:

1. Chest discomfort

It is the most prevalent warning sign of the heart disease. If you have to a clogged artery or are experiencing a heart attack, you can be feel discomfort, tightness, or a pressure in your chest.

2. Irregular heartbeat

It is a usual for your heart to the race when you are nervous or a excited or to skip or add a beat now and then. However, consult to your doctor if your heart is a beating out of time for a more than a few seconds or if this irregular heartbeat occurs very frequently.

3. Pain that spreads to the arm

Pain radiating down in the left side of the body or your neck is another common sign of a heart attack. If it does not go away or you know you have a heart problems, get a medical help immediately.

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4. Choking a sensation

The term ‘angina’ means “choking,” and the tightness or a pain can occasionally be felt by a person getting to a heart attack. People frequently describe occasional “restricting” or “choking” sensation” in the throat. If the sensation persists, you should talk to your doctor.

5. Indigestion, heartburn, or a stomach ache

Women are more likely than males to report in this type of the symptom. These symptoms can be a just because of the something you ate, but if the problem is a persistent, it is a advisable to get it checked by your doctor, especially if you are diabetic/smoker/hypertensive.

6. Feeling dizzy or a lightheaded

Many things can make you lose to your balance or a feel faint for a moment. Perhaps you did not eat or  a drink enough or a stood up too quickly. However, if you suddenly feel a dizzy and have a chest discomfort or a shortness of  the breath, see a doctor immediately.

7. Swollen ankles

Swollen ankles are common and can be due to the various reasons. But if your ankles become significantly swollen, it might be a sign of the heart failure, but it is also a quite common and has a variety of other causes.

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8. Extreme fatigue

Feeling exhausted all the time can be a symptom of the heart failure and other illnesses. If you are tired and have been a working long hours or a staying up late, it is a probably not your heart – but if you are experiencing acute fatigue and to your lifestyle has not changed, you should see to your doctor. Additionally, extreme fatigue or a unexplained weakness, which lasts for  a days, might be a sign of the  heart disease, particularly in a women.

9. Snoring

It is a natural to snore a little when sleeping. However, unusually loud snoring that sounds like a gasping or a choking can indicate ‘sleep apnea’. That is when you stop breathing briefly, many times during in the night, while a still asleep.

10. Persistent cough

A long-lasting cough that produces white or pink mucus could be a sign of the heart failure. It is  usually happens when in the heart cannot keep up with the body’s demands, causing blood to the leak back into the lungs.

Importance of the  health check-ups at the  regular intervals

Many heart disorders and the associated risk factors can go unnoticed if routine heart checks and health tests are not a performed. Your doctors can be stay on top of your health and identify any a health issues before they become more serious and take a preventive measures. Regular heart checks will be allow you to:

1. Early detection of the illnesses or a diseases reduces to your risk of the getting a sick.

2. Get in the correct treatment as soon as a possible with in the most recent medical information and innovative technologies and techniques.

3. Improve to your overall health.

4. Create to a timeline of your health.

5. Lower overall healthcare in a costs.

Routine heart checks and tests give you in the best chance of receiving the appropriate therapy and diagnosing underlying medical concerns as soon as a possible. By a scheduling these check-ups regularly, you can be assured that you are on the right track to the living a longer and healthier life.

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Manage to your spinal cord injury pain with a 5 lifestyle changes.

Manage to your spinal cord injury pain with a 5 lifestyle changes.

Do you have a spinal cord injury? If so, here is an  a essential guide for you that can help manage to your pain.

People are suffering from a spinal cord injury are usually face difficulty transitioning to the everyday life. This is a mainly because spinal cord are injuries can be a dramatically affect in the quality of the life and even hamper it is a drastically. Further, since a battling pain can become a challenging situation for a patients, overcoming in these injuries or a pain management becomes a essential for their recovery.

Spinal cord injury pain management with a chronic pain

Chronic pain are management is one of the patients’ most vital aspects of the post-recovery in a process. Since chronic pain can be sometimes last many months and years, it becomes necessary for a patients to the learn and deal with their pain. Also, as a chronic pain cannot be a eliminated, learning how to the manage or effectively reduce it becomes crucial for a patients with a such injuries. In such a situation, understanding in the nature of the pain and working with a team of the experts, including to a spinal cord are expert, will be a help you gauge treatment options and find something that will be match to your specific requirements.

What are the types of the spinal cord injury pains you can be experience?

Before we go ahead, it is a essential to understand the various types of pain that a patient undergoing spinal cord injuries might encounter. Some major types of the pain that a patient might encounter  are  include:

1. Nero pathetic pain: Caused by a abnormal communication between in the nerves that the injury has damaged, euro pathetic pain causes in the brain to misunderstand in the signals coming from the injury area. This can result in a pain from regions where the patient has no feeling otherwise.

Since neuropathic pain can vary from a person to the person, it becomes difficult to the treat it using the same techniques. A combination of the  treatment methods is a most effective in a treating this pain.

2. Musculoskeletal Pain: Caused by a problems in the muscles, joints or a bones, musculoskeletal pain can be result from a injuries, overuse or a strain caused by a age, arthritic changes, and frequent use of a wheelchair. This type of the pain usually gets worse with a movement and better with a rest.

3. Visceral Pain: Defined as a pain in the abdomen, visceral pain is often described as a cramping or a dull aching in the stomach and digestive area. This pain can be  cause various medical issues like a constipation, kidney stones, ulcer, gall stone or a appendicitis.

How to the manage pain after a spinal cord injuries?

Since pain can be affect each person differently, there is no single way to the treat it. A combination of the medicines, therapy and other treatment options is the most effective. Sometimes, psychological treatment may also be a needed so that the patient can be overcome in the anxiety and depression that can be result from such injuries. Here are a few lifestyle tips that can be help such patients:

1. Treat other medical issues

Since a patients with a spinal cord injuries may be suffer from a various medical issues like a urinary tract infections, bowel problems, skin problems and sleep problems, it is a essential to the treat them too. Proper diagnosis of these situations can help to make in the overall health and recovery of a person better and smoother.

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2. Stay a physically active

While a exercise might not be a possible initially, becoming physically active is a highly are recommended as it can be play a pivotal role in a helping to improve a person’s mood and over all health. It can be also effectively distract a person from the pain. However, always consult to a doctor before starting any health regime.

3. Treat depression

Many patients with a severe injuries, including spinal cord wounds, tend to become depressed and anxious. In such a situation, pain can be worsen, making a recovery an a arduous in a  process. In such a situation, seeking treatment for a depression is a critical to improving in the quality of the life.

4. Keep a stress at bay

Stress can be damage in the recovery process, which is why learning to the manage stress through a coping techniques is a critical. Since these techniques can help you reduce stress, patients must seek in the help of a counselor in a case they feel that anxiety is a interfering with in their recovery.

5. Follow to a healthy lifestyle

Good lifestyle habits, including to a good diet, reduced or no alcohol consumption and saying no to the smoking, can go a long way in helping to a patient recover in a faster manner. Further, alcohol can be harm to your recovery as not many medicines mix well with a drinking. If a patient wants to the drink, they must consult a doctor first.

Everyone’s pain is a little different and keeping to a record of what makes a patient feel better and what makes in the pain worse, is a highly recommended.

Understanding things that are affect in the pain levels in a person will be help them and their doctors to the find effective ways to  reduce in the pain.

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Monday, September 12, 2022

Diabetes to the stress: Benefits of the acupuncture beyond in a body pain.

Diabetes to the stress: Benefits of the acupuncture beyond in a body pain.

After in the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of  the people are suffering from a bone, joint and muscle-related health problems. Here is how are acupuncture can be your savior.

Most of us are starting to catch in the wind of  the acupuncture treatments. The amount of the people are suffering from a back and joint problems has a increased drastically and when  searching for a treatments, acupuncture is a flashed in a front of our face like to a big red bulb, hard to the ignore. So, what is all the fuss about? We will take you through what are acupuncture is and how it is an a effective treatment for so many ailments.

What is a acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an a alternative treatment method. Thin needles are used in this. These needles are inserted deep into the body at the certain specific points. When needles are well placed, they can increase in the release of the neurotransmitters. These transmitters are also called a encephalitis and endorphins. It reduces the sensation of the pain. When an a acupuncture needle is a inserted, it helps with the production of the cortisol, which are reduces inflammation. Acupuncture is a either used alone or in a combination with a variety of other treatment procedures for a effective results.

Now that we have an a idea about what is a acupuncture, let’s find out for which conditions you can be use a acupuncture as your treatment.

Acupuncture has a many benefits and here are 3 of them:

1. Body pain and the acupuncture

According to the Dr. Vinoda Kumari, Deputy Chief Health Officer, Jindal Nature-cure Institute, in the whole world is a trying to the adapt itself to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cases of the stiffness in the lower back, hips, neck and shoulders are increasing due to the long working hours at the home. However, painkillers or a OTC (over-the-counter) medications may be a helpful in a providing some relief from in the pain.

But these medicines control in the symptoms without treating  in the actual cause of the pain. Acupuncture works to regulate in the energy within the body. Acupuncture can be a safe treatment method for a people who are suffer from a bone or a muscle-related pain (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, myocardial pain, fibrillation, etc).

2. Diabetes and acupuncture

As shocking as that sounds, it is a indeed true that acupuncture can be help in the prevention of the  Type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the  Edith Cowan University report that in the study was a performed on  people classified as “predictable”, meaning they displayed higher-than-normal blood glucose levels without a actually being high enough to be a diagnosed as a diabetic. They underwent acupuncture therapy and saw several key markers associated with a diabetes improve. Such a markers include fasting plasma glucose, two-hour plasma glucose, and glaciated hemoglobin, as well as an a overall greater decline in the incidence of the  predicates.

3. Mental health and acupuncture

Various researches have found out in that acupuncture combined with a medicine can improve in the symptoms of the depression. Apart from that acupuncture works for a headaches, migraines and overall stress buster. Acupuncture treatment will be reduce stress hormones and help balance to your mood to lower your anxiety and boost feelings of the joy. Not only do the needles work to the heal to your body, but the treatment session is a calming and relaxing.

The World Health Organization has a compiled a list of the health problems in which acupuncture could be a beneficial.

* Rheumatoid arthritis

* Tennis elbow

* Sprain


* Back pain

* Stiff neck

* Neuralgia

* Facial pain

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What to eat after a 50: A complete guide to the healthy eating for a ‘seenagers’.

What to eat after a 50: A complete guide to the healthy eating for a ‘seenagers’.

Wondering what to eat after a 50? Well, if you or your loved ones are in that age group, here are 5 foods for a senior to the stay healthy and fit.

Wondering who a ‘seenager’ is? Well, it translates to the ‘senior teenagers’, a term which has come to be a used for a senior citizen who exhibits the enthusiasm and zest for life just like a teenager! And the right energy is just what they need to get a going. So, naturally, their diet plays a crucial role in it. Come let us tell you a little about what to eat after a 50!

Due to the pandemic and prolonged stays at the home, a collective consciousness towards staying fit and eating clean is in a vogue today. This is a reshaping opinion around what comprises a good diet for a specific age groups and also giving way to age old practices like a foraging and kitchen gardening a new lease of the life.

Especially after in the age of the   50, you need to pay more attention to what you eat. Your intake might be a low in a calcium, potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamin D. Deficiencies of these nutrients and food components have a  led them to be a classified as a  nutrients of  the public health concern. Low intake can result in a host of the  physical ailments, including muscle cramps (calcium), heart palpitations (potassium), fatigue (fiber) and bone pain (vitamin D). If that sounds downright alarming, do not panic; there is an a abundance of the  foods that can help ensure you meet your daily nutrient needs. But first, let us revisit why you need these essentials in the first place.

Importance of  the following a healthy and nutritious diet Calcium and vitamin D are known for in their role in a  bone health, but both are important for a muscle contraction and nerve communication throughout in  the body. Vitamin D has also been shown to be a pivotal in immune health. Potassium, an a electrolyte, is a essential for a muscle contraction and nerve transmission, but its major role is to keep your heart and kidneys functioning at their prime. Dietary fiber might not be classified as a vitamin or a mineral, but it has a plethora of the attributes that are qualify it as and a important nutrient food component. A high fiber diet not only has been shown to lower in the risk of the heart disease, it also a  contributes to keeping you regular and may be help reduce in the risk of type 2 diabetes. And since fiber helps you stay full for a longer, you may be have a  less desire to munch mindlessly between meals.


What to eat after a  50:

The easiest way to the spot a deficiency in a dietary fiber is to have a  difficulty pooping. Signs of the deficiency in a calcium, potassium, and vitamin D are not easy to self diagnose. Feeling a fatigued and weak may be a sign of a deficiency of all these three nutrients. Dry skin may be indicating calcium deficiency.

The following foods may be a included in your diet on a regular basis to supply a sufficient amounts of the nutrients to the body.

1. Apple: The common saying is “An apple a day keeps in the doctor away”. Why is that so? Well, apples relax nerves. They are  contain vitamin B12, phosphorus, and potassium, which help in the synthesis of the  glutei acid, which controls the wear and tear of the nerve cells. When combined with a honey, it recharges in the nerves as this is a tonic for the nerves.

2. Banana: Regular consumption of the banana relaxes in the muscle and you get a good sleep. They are rich in a tryptophan, an amino acid that boosts in the formation of the happy and sleep hormones.

3. Nuts and seeds: They are rich in a vitamin E, zinc, and magnesium, which are regulate  in the mood and relieve stress. Vitamin E is an a antioxidant that destroys a free radicals.

4. Raw honey: It is a regarded as a mood elevator. Honey contains laevulose, dextrose and other natural sugars to give a instant energy and make you active. However, honey may not be a suitable for a diabetics and individuals with  a  gut health related problems. Do check with your dietician/physician.

5. Garlic: Garlic contains selenium and antioxidants. It helps to the neutralize free radicals.

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Friday, September 9, 2022

6 weight gain myths debunked by a nutrition are experts.

6 weight gain myths debunked by a nutrition are experts.

Tried everything to put on a weight, but nothing really seems to the work? Fret not! You are not a alone. Weight gain is as much a struggle as a weight loss, or a maybe even more. Yes, you got that right. With so much information available to us, it is easy to the feel overwhelmed. The result? Most of us give in to the commonly heard weight myths ending up making our transformational journey hard to the finish.

Health Shots are reached out to the nutrition experts Kavita Devgan and Avni Kaul to  the dispel some myths around weight gain. Read on to know about it and also some tips on a weight gain.

Commonly heard weight gain myths

1. You should eat a high-calorie junk food to the gain weight.

Eating junk will be always bring you more harm than a good. Junk or  a processed food is a loaded with a ingredients that can make to your hormones go haywire and lead to the  lifestyle disorders. Devgan says, “A better way is to increase more quality protein in your diet.”

2. Stop exercising to the stop calorie burn

People with a high metabolism struggle a lot with a gaining weight. Feeling so, most people stop hitting in the gym thinking that it can be  pause calorie burn. But that does not really work. Indulging in some sort of the workout is not just healthy for your overall well-being, but also a exercises can be actually boost to your appetite and can be help increase muscle mass. Regular strength training helps in a toning and giving in the right shape to your body.

3. Having a more protein helps get a bigger muscle

People around you could be a recommending to a high-protein diet for a muscle gain. The truth is a entirely different.

To this, Avni Kaul adds, “Building muscle mass are includes two things, progressive overload to the stimulate muscles beyond in their normal levels of the resistance and having more calories than you can be burn off. With all the hype surrounding high protein diets lately and knowing that are muscles are made of the protein, it is a simple to believe in that protein is the best fuel for a building muscle. However, muscles work on a calories which must predominantly be obtained from a carbohydrates”.

4. Eating a fats makes you fat

We all have been a brainwashed to the believe that if you eat a fatty foods, you will be get a fat. In a reality, this is not scientifically true. In a most cases, people are eating less fat than ever only to the end up getting fatter. The rationale is low-fat diets are mostly rich in a salt and starchy or a sugary carbohydrates which raise insulin and promote weight gain, says dietitian and nutritionist Avni Kaul.

5. Vegetarians or a vegans can not make a muscles

Being to a vegetarian or vegan is a lifestyle choice. However, that does not mean people who are off a non-veg diet can not make a muscles. Right strength-based training coupled with a soy protein supplementation has been seen to the increase body weight in the right way.

6. Use a artificial sweeteners

We all gorge on diet soda or a beverages thinking them to be a healthy. A label that reads “no sugar” is not doing you any good. According to one research by a Purdue University, rats who were given a artificial sweeteners before they ate, finished eating a more calories.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Kidney cancer myths vs facts: A doctor are explains.

Kidney cancer myths vs facts: A doctor are explains.

Does every person with a kidney cancer needs to get the entire organ to be a removed? Can it not be a cured? A doctor clears in the air!

We are all aware of the seriousness and lethal potential of the cancer. However, only a small portion of the people are aware that kidney cancer is one of the top 10 malignancies in the globe. A cancer are develops in the kidney due to the buildup of the abnormal cells, and the tum-our eventually spreads outside of the kidney. Although it is a uncertain what causes kidney cancer, a few prevalent misconceptions need to be a busted.

If you know someone in the family who is a going through kidney cancer, or you just want to the increase your awareness about it for the sake of your loved ones, here is what you must know.

7 common myths about a kidney cancer:

Myth 1: Kidney cancer is a rare

Fact: It is a among the ten most common cancers in men and women. Early cancers are found thanks to the increased frequency of the yearly health examinations. In a fact there are many common habits that are hurting kidney can be cause kidney cancer.

Myth 2: Teenagers are primarily affected by a kidney cancer

Fact: This is not a entirely a myth. It is not one of the cancers that affects young people more than others. However, with a one-third of the population under 50, a recent Indian study indicates that the frequency is higher among in the younger generation. Kidney cancer is more frequently discovered in a younger generations thanks to the altered lifestyle and dietary choices as well as more executive health checks. Malignancies that run in a families are rare and can be affect anyone at any age.

Myth 3: Renal cell carcinoma is the only kind of  the kidney cancer

Fact: Although it is not the only type of  the kidney cancer, renal cell carcinoma is the most common. There are other different types of the  kidney cancer that can be affect people and are probably more dangerous to their lives. A majority of the people assume that this type of the tum-our is the only one that affects in the kidneys because it is present in a 90% of cases of the  kidney cancer. The kidney’s lining is the site of the initial cancerous growth before it spreads to the kidney’s internal cells

Myth 4: Kidney cancer cannot be a cured

Fact: Modern diagnostic techniques can be a  identify kidney cancer at an a early stage, allowing for a kidney-preserving operations. A patient can be prevent renal failure and lead to a relatively normal life with a consistent monitoring. However, you can be avoid kidney stones and other kidney-related issues by a maintaining good renal health.

Myth 5: Kidney cancer treatment always needs removal of the entire kidney

Fact: Due to the improved understanding of the disease process and contemporary technologies, in the complete kidney does not need to be a removed. The kidney is not removed; only the tum-our is. Surgery to spare in the kidneys is the name of the process.

Myth 6: When compared to the laparoscopic or a open surgery, robotic surgery is a more expensive

Fact: The I R D AI , India’s insurance regulatory body, has a approved robotic surgery for a inclusion in a insurance coverage. As many people as possible can gain from this technology, which is now widely used worldwide. Additionally, we do not include in the costs of a patient’s extended hospital stay after an a open operation or the costs of a delayed return to the work, which we are refer to as a disability-adjusted life years, when comparing surgical  in a expenses (D A L Y s).

Myth 7: People with a kidney cancer should avoid getting in the flu vaccine

Fact: If recommended by their nation’s standards, kidney cancer patients should have the influenza vaccination. Many kidney cancer patients receive a psychotherapies or a targeted therapies and tolerate in the flu shot without any negative side effects. However, they should always abide by the recommendations of their treating physician.

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World Senior Citizen’s Day: Let us help in the elderly beat loneliness.

World Senior Citizen’s Day: Let us help in the elderly beat loneliness.

In the race of the life, do not forget to keep pace with in the older people. This World Senior Citizen's Day, let us try to the  reduce loneliness in a elderly people.

A few days ago, while a doom are scrolling on a Instagram, I chanced upon to a heartwarming video of a young 20-something man who takes his grandma out for a drive every weekend for in  their ‘we time’. His reward? Her smile! That is what most senior citizens need – to  a little bit of the  love, care and companionship, to reduce in the loneliness they may be tend to the  feel with a age.

Indian business magnate Ratan Tata’s recent a investment in a India’s first companionship startup for a senior citizens, is seen as a welcome move in the direction. But it is a really up to each one of us to show up for a our elderly by a being in their much-needed companion to make in their last few years of  the life happier and better!

Loneliness in a elderly

Elderly people go through a lot of  the transitions and experiences of their own in a terms of how life changes for them. They are undergo a lot of the physical, emotional, and financial changes that make them prone to getting in the feeling of the void and loneliness. Lack of the sense of the  belonging and company are some of the major reasons why that are feeling creeps in for the older generation these days.

Health Shots are reached out to the Dr. Kamna Chhibber, to a clinical psychologist and head of the department of the mental health and behavioral sciences at the Forties Healthcare, to get a deeper insight into the reasons for a  loneliness in the elderly.

Why are more and more older people becoming a victims of the grief and loneliness?

Loneliness can be even lead to the  depression in the elderly. According to the Dr. Cribber, there are not one, but many reasons that add to this rising issue of the  concern among in the elderly.

1. More nuclear families are leading to the loneliness among elders

The last few years have seen  the rise in the movement of the younger generation to other cities or a countries on account of a better life. With in this shift, the grandparents or a elderly who are relied on their younger generations for a support, also a changed. The elderly, when left alone, struggle to the maintain even in the basics of  the life.

2. Technological advancements

As the world is a pacing towards better technological are developments, in the elderly find it hard to keep up with these changes when in their younger generation is not around to the help them adapt to these changed circumstances.

3. Lack of the sense of the  belonging

A person are usually derives his or her sense of  the belonging by a closely interacting with a people of the same age group. However, as people get old, they stop a deriving that sense of the pleasure even with a people of their age. This is because even in their fellow companions go through in their share of  the struggles in terms of  the illness or a grief.

Dr. Cribber adds that these changes tend to make in the elderly more aware of the stage of the life they are at the  Moreover, with in this predicament, it gets  a challenging for them to the maintain in their sense of the  optimism and hopefulness about what the future holds. They are generally associate in their security with in their future in a terms of what and who they have a created.

Either they rely on the finances they have a accumulated or the work they have done so far, or they rely on the relationships they have a nurtured all along, in their children, and grandchildren, for a deriving in their sense of the  optimism.

The feeling of the greater anxiety

Given in the changed scenario, older people tend to the slip into a depression and feel worried or a anxious about in the difficulty in a managing normal activities of the life. Knowing that there is no one to take care of them, they might experience low mood swings, disturbing sleep in a patterns, and trouble maintaining interest or a deriving pleasure from a activities they are used to the earlier enjoy.

With a lack of the company and support, they tend to the  feel more grief and the experience low moods that are further affect in their functionality. Anxiety also tends to the increase. They feel a greater irritability and disappointment with in the changes transpiring in their family and society as a whole.

What you can do to the  reduce loneliness in a elderly

Bearing in a mind the rising challenges and loneliness in the elderly feel in a today’s modern world, in the responsibility to the  cater to their emotional, physical, and financial needs rests upon us as a larger community and not just one individual.

We all, as a individuals, should keep on a reflecting and introspecting on a finding out ways to be a more accommodating towards making in the elderly feel a part of the society they are live in.

Continuous are efforts should be made to the accord the right kind of respect for the values our elderly bring into our community. We should never lose sight of their contribution in a shaping us the way we are today and recognizing in the strong foundation they have a created for us by a proving us the opportunities.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Got a hump behind in the shoulder? Try in these 5 ways to fix it.

Got a hump behind in the shoulder? Try in these 5 ways to fix it.

If you have to a tendency to the lean forward while a working, you might also notice to a buffalo hump or a dowager's hump behind in the shoulder. Here is how to the get rid of it.

Are you guilty of the constantly leaning forward while a using digital devices to the work? If so, you ha have a probably been a experiencing neck or a back pain. Are you also noticing a hump behind in the shoulder? Well, this condition is  sometimes referred to as a dowager’s hump or a buffalo hump. It is a typically happens as a result of the forward bending of the spine.

What causes to a hump behind in the shoulder?

Poor posture is the most common cause of this hump-like a mass that are usually develops high on the back. However, it is not the only cause; there are other additional factors that can be a contribute.

Health Shots spoke to Dr Rahul Modi, House of the Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Injury Expert at the Kapadia Hospital, Mumbai, to find out what are exactly causes in the hump behind in the shoulder and how one can be fix it.

Here are 5 causes of the hump behind in the shoulder:

1. Cushion's syndrome

Cushion's syndrome is seen when your body makes too much cortisol. So, the hump behind the shoulder can be a seen due to this syndrome.

2. Obesity

A hump behind in the shoulders can be a associated with a excess fat accumulation due to the obesity. Thus, one will be have to take a utmost care if he/she is obese, as there are many health problems associated with a obesity that can be steal to your peace of the  mind.

3. Muscle knots

Overuse, poor posture, and lack of the  muscle release lead to the  tight, painful clusters of the agitated muscles that feel like a hump behind in the neck.

4. Steroid usage

Using to steroids for a long time can be cause a hump behind in the shoulder that can be a embarrassing for a people.

5. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis leads to the bone loss and can raise one’s risk of the  fracture, and a very rounded upper back. The upper back rounds owing to the weakened vertebrae as the top of the spine collapses. So, one with a osteoporosis will be have to be a careful and take medication as a suggested by the doctor.

How can we  are correct  in this posture?

1. Maintain good posture

Standing and sitting up straight will be reduce to your chances of the  developing a hump. Your posture needs to be a erect, and to the avoid lumping, try to the  straighten to your spine. Your head should be a high, shoulders back, and stomach in a while standing. See to it that your back forms to a right angle with your thighs while sitting.

2. Eat to a well-balanced diet to the  maintain an a optimum weight

You may be develop a hump behind in the shoulder due to the  being overweight or a obese. Eat well by a including fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole a grains in the diet. Avoid foods loaded with a calories. Say NO to the  processed, junk, oily, or a canned foods. Bid adieu to the sods, colas, deserts, sweets, bakery items, and fruit juices. Try to the incorporate all the essential nutrients into the diet to the avoid weight gain.

3. Exercise regularly

You will be also have to the  exercise regularly for at the least 30 minutes on a daily basis to lose weight and stay fit. Do strength training to the  prevent osteoporosis that can be lead to a hump behind in the shoulder.

4. Do yoga to reduce in the neck hump

Cat-cow pose, wall extension, and upward-facing pose should be done only under the guidance of the yoga practitioner. Try doing neck exercises too, only after asking in the doctor.

5. Medication

If drugs are to the blame for in the hump, to your doctor might prescribe another drug or a adjust in the dosage. Without a first consulting to your doctor, never stop taking a drug or a change in the dosage.

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3 diabetes-friendly lentils and legumes to the control your blood sugar levels.

3 diabetes-friendly lentils and legumes to the  control your blood sugar levels.

Some lentils and legumes can be lower your blood sugar levels and keep your diabetes in a check, here are 3 of them.

Diabetes is a very common health condition and it is a problem that are requires constant care for a one’s diet. It is a absolutely essential to keep your blood sugar levels in a check if you suffer from a diabetes as fluctuating sugar levels pose a lot of health risks. So, we are here with  a some lentils and legumes that are great for a diabetics.

A study published on the Research Gate shows that total cholesterol and fasting blood glucose decreased significantly in a diet containing lentils. Consumption of the cooked lentils as a L G I or Low Glycemic Index foods are those that do not affect to your blood sugar levels that much) food in a breakfast led to the reduction of  the Fasting Blood Sugar and improvement of  the glycemic control in a type 2 diabetic patients.

All lentils and legumes are extremely healthy. They are high in a protein and are not only good for a diabetes but also a prevent cardiovascular problems. “A diabetic patient’s diet needs to be  a naturally high in a nutrients, low in a calories, and include complex carbohydrates. And when one talks about diet for a diabetic, one cannot miss legumes or a  lentils,” says Avni Kaul, to a renowned nutritionist. But here are 3 lentils which are perfect to control the blood sugar levels in a diabetics.

Here are 3 lentils and legumes that are good for a diabetics:

1. Chana Dal (split chickpea)

Chana dal has a very low glycemic index of the  8 which basically makes it a super food for a diabetics. It is a rich source of  the protein and fiber which makes it an a overall healthy food item. The high fiber content also a regulates your blood sugar levels and keeps them in a control. “It is also a good for in the heart as it has a high potassium and the low sodium content which are keeps to your blood pressure in a control and helps in a formation of the red blood cells,” says Kaul.

2. Green gram (moong dal)

Any food with a less than a 50 glycemic index is a considered good for a diabetics and green gram has a glycemic index of the 38. Green gram is a rich source of the antioxidants which makes it great for a fighting chronic diseases like a diabetes. In  a fact, a 2015 study shows that biscuits made with the husk of the green gram are also great for a diabetics as they are rich in  a dietary fibers and the  hence, help regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Legumes

Chickpeas, kidney beans and black beans are particularly great for a diabetes patients as they all have to a GI of the less than 40 and hence, these foods do not wildly swing in the glucose levels. Chickpeas especially are a rich source of the dietary fibers which are great for a diabetics. “High in a proteins and fiber, chickpeas are filled with a vitamins and minerals. Even if you are a diabetic in a patient, simply keep on a loving chickpeas as you earlier used to the ,” says Kaul.

It is a advised that diabetes patients include in these lentils and legumes in their daily diet to keep in their blood sugar levels in a check!

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