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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

World Senior Citizen’s Day: Let us help in the elderly beat loneliness.

World Senior Citizen’s Day: Let us help in the elderly beat loneliness.

In the race of the life, do not forget to keep pace with in the older people. This World Senior Citizen's Day, let us try to the  reduce loneliness in a elderly people.

A few days ago, while a doom are scrolling on a Instagram, I chanced upon to a heartwarming video of a young 20-something man who takes his grandma out for a drive every weekend for in  their ‘we time’. His reward? Her smile! That is what most senior citizens need – to  a little bit of the  love, care and companionship, to reduce in the loneliness they may be tend to the  feel with a age.

Indian business magnate Ratan Tata’s recent a investment in a India’s first companionship startup for a senior citizens, is seen as a welcome move in the direction. But it is a really up to each one of us to show up for a our elderly by a being in their much-needed companion to make in their last few years of  the life happier and better!

Loneliness in a elderly

Elderly people go through a lot of  the transitions and experiences of their own in a terms of how life changes for them. They are undergo a lot of the physical, emotional, and financial changes that make them prone to getting in the feeling of the void and loneliness. Lack of the sense of the  belonging and company are some of the major reasons why that are feeling creeps in for the older generation these days.

Health Shots are reached out to the Dr. Kamna Chhibber, to a clinical psychologist and head of the department of the mental health and behavioral sciences at the Forties Healthcare, to get a deeper insight into the reasons for a  loneliness in the elderly.

Why are more and more older people becoming a victims of the grief and loneliness?

Loneliness can be even lead to the  depression in the elderly. According to the Dr. Cribber, there are not one, but many reasons that add to this rising issue of the  concern among in the elderly.

1. More nuclear families are leading to the loneliness among elders

The last few years have seen  the rise in the movement of the younger generation to other cities or a countries on account of a better life. With in this shift, the grandparents or a elderly who are relied on their younger generations for a support, also a changed. The elderly, when left alone, struggle to the maintain even in the basics of  the life.

2. Technological advancements

As the world is a pacing towards better technological are developments, in the elderly find it hard to keep up with these changes when in their younger generation is not around to the help them adapt to these changed circumstances.

3. Lack of the sense of the  belonging

A person are usually derives his or her sense of  the belonging by a closely interacting with a people of the same age group. However, as people get old, they stop a deriving that sense of the pleasure even with a people of their age. This is because even in their fellow companions go through in their share of  the struggles in terms of  the illness or a grief.

Dr. Cribber adds that these changes tend to make in the elderly more aware of the stage of the life they are at the  Moreover, with in this predicament, it gets  a challenging for them to the maintain in their sense of the  optimism and hopefulness about what the future holds. They are generally associate in their security with in their future in a terms of what and who they have a created.

Either they rely on the finances they have a accumulated or the work they have done so far, or they rely on the relationships they have a nurtured all along, in their children, and grandchildren, for a deriving in their sense of the  optimism.

The feeling of the greater anxiety

Given in the changed scenario, older people tend to the slip into a depression and feel worried or a anxious about in the difficulty in a managing normal activities of the life. Knowing that there is no one to take care of them, they might experience low mood swings, disturbing sleep in a patterns, and trouble maintaining interest or a deriving pleasure from a activities they are used to the earlier enjoy.

With a lack of the company and support, they tend to the  feel more grief and the experience low moods that are further affect in their functionality. Anxiety also tends to the increase. They feel a greater irritability and disappointment with in the changes transpiring in their family and society as a whole.

What you can do to the  reduce loneliness in a elderly

Bearing in a mind the rising challenges and loneliness in the elderly feel in a today’s modern world, in the responsibility to the  cater to their emotional, physical, and financial needs rests upon us as a larger community and not just one individual.

We all, as a individuals, should keep on a reflecting and introspecting on a finding out ways to be a more accommodating towards making in the elderly feel a part of the society they are live in.

Continuous are efforts should be made to the accord the right kind of respect for the values our elderly bring into our community. We should never lose sight of their contribution in a shaping us the way we are today and recognizing in the strong foundation they have a created for us by a proving us the opportunities.

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