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Monday, September 28, 2020



In the third round, 2797 students were allotted to the college but only 1502 students confirmed their admission. In the Commerce faculty, 2811 seats were filled at the end of 4 rounds but 12 thousand fell vacant.  Against which a new round was allotted for 2111 vacant seats and now the fifth round was allotted.  Fees have been reluctantly confirmed by the students to be paid to the colleges after the deadline for admission to the college.  The current status of whether or not to do so, with only 1,200 students paying fees, is such that approximately admission was confirmed for admission.  Thus, as per the four admission rules, when there is a normal situation, the vacancies will be filled.  Colleges registered applications in their own way.  Out of which 5111 »out of more than 1200, 3111 seats have been filled.  Students are admitted if the college allocates to the students on the basis of merit by ordering.  Against which 18 seats are vacant.  Is.  As many as five to six thousand universities have not yet decided on admissions for the current year on the issue of whether to give seats to colleges in the current situation.  Members of the admissions committee say students who have completed our process have been denied admission despite having completed four online rounds that have not been confirmed.  Has happened.  The work that will be done now will be done by the university.  If 12 seats are vacant.  But Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad Under normal circumstances, if two or three online rounds are to be held, how many seats are vacant?  This has to be done only for the students who are currently denied admission. These students are the ones who have vacancies after completing four rounds.  The situation that arose in the fourth round is again to offer different colleges in the fifth round with Gujarat University which has to be filled on the basis of merit.  In this situation it is now important for the university to decide what to do.  Admission has not been confirmed yet.  Are offered for courses, including current affiliate commerce.  The situation is such that unilateral seats agreed to the fourth but corona epidemic this year in the ongoing proceedings for vacant admission.  Despite giving consent they are admitted by paying a fee and on the other hand the double seats are not only confirmed in the process of choice filling after more online rounds due to the students being given in the empty round.  Just fell.  As per the rules, the college was allotted on the basis of vacant choice.  Twenty four students participated in the fourth round.  1600 students have been allotted seats in the fourth round to fill the colleges.  Consent to students who want to take in the fourth round The important thing is that 12 students are confirmed to be admitted in the college.  But at present the instruction to give consent to 8 students for admission was given by the admission committee to those who have their own choice.  Thus, now a decision was made for the total vacancies in Commerce Colleges.  Out of which admission was given by the committee in which 8 students and according to merit, allocation of the college, out of 202, 12 seats have not been allotted yet.



Despite repeated representations, more than 1500 students of Std. 1 to 10 of CBSE who had fun in Podar International School are in trouble.  The software of a school called Betvinus was discontinued and B.S.E.  The board has given online in Std. 1 to 10.  Due to which students studying mid term who could not give free exam could not.  Parents are full of their mid-term exams to say that the school has stopped taking online.  Parents demand that since the school teaches only one and a half hours in online education, it is 50 per cent and if any other expenses or extras are given, then 50 per cent amnesty should be given to the children.  If not, why are 1,200 parents studying in the school being charged?  In this regard, the principal of most of the students, Mayur Patdiya, had received a reply that Rs. 10,000 was being charged for the first term, i.e. from last March to the first term from Mumbai head branch to decisions.  Fr is full while the second term is pending.  The future of the students who are mostly Std. 1 to 8 is ruined.  Which is what school administrators are responsible for.

Supplementary examination of students who failed in Std. 12 general stream from today.  Due to which a large number of students have filled the form.  

 In the next one week in the morning and afternoon, the examination will be taken in two sessions Gujarat Secondary  In the next 7 days, in the next 7 days, a total of Std. 12 general session will be held by the Board of Higher Secondary Education.  For those students who have failed in two subjects on the first day, Geography from 10.30 am to 1.45 am and for such students, examination will be held in Gujarati from 3.00 pm to 6.15 pm and in the supplementary English subject from 9 am on Monday.  This will come.  Students have registered for the examination of 348 buildings in the state in 1,50,8 3052 blocks.  Arrangements have been made.  1201 seats have been arranged in 7 zones of 7 states for the supplementary examination of the examination day.  So far only one student from the building and 9014 block will be examined by the board.  This was the examination after the examination of the subject subject was completed.  When the NAPAS result in one subject will be declared this year, more than 30,000 will be declared.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Right now many people are falling victim to mobile banking fraud, in minutes your account will be empty; Follow these 6 tips to avoid it.

Right now many people are falling victim to mobile banking fraud, in minutes your account will be empty;  Follow these 6 tips to avoid it. 

The Covid-19 epidemic has connected people to the digital world, who have always lived far away.  That is, people who had little understanding of the digital platform are learning it.  However, many hackers are taking advantage of this vulnerability.  In fact, these days there are many cases of money being stolen from accounts on digital platforms.  A mistake made by the user empties their account.  In this case, if you also use banking apps, there are some things that you should always keep in mind ...

 1. Multi-factor authentication Feature

 Single passwords are easy to crack, but the multi-factor authentication feature is not easy to crack.  In that case you should use this feature in banking apps.  This feature requires many things like fingerprint scanner, OTP, debit card number along with the password for the user to login.  Multi layers cannot be easily broken in such a situation.

 2. Use of NFC-embedded SIM card

 An NFC-embedded SIM card is a SIM card that allows customers to securely download their credit card information to a Near Field Communication (NFC) SIM card.  With this option the consumer does not need to have their debit or credit card.  In such a situation there is no worry of losing or forgetting the card.  With the help of a card, a hacker can access your account.  In such a case, the possibility of such a thing also comes to an end.

3. End-to-end encryption

 Digital transactions are growing rapidly these days.  Billions are being transacted all over the world in many ways like payment cards, merchants, card brands, bank cards.  The transaction is being monitored by a hacker.  In such cases, end-to-end encryption is a risk solution, as it guarantees to keep the data secure and strong.  It conducts security audits and penetration tests that take security majors to extra miles.

 4. Use of in-display fingerprint devices

 Now most of the bank applications are also offering fingerprint security.  However, this feature is found in smartphones that have an in-display fingerprint scanner.  It receives various sets of signals such as IP address, location, time of day, device type, screen capture, browser, etc.  If this happens, you should also use a device that provides an in-display fingerprint scanner.

 5. Real time text and email alerts

 You should also keep app notifications on, along with real-time text and email alerts related to your account.  So when there are any transactions related to your account, you get alerts related to it immediately.  If you do not receive the alert in real time, you should talk to the bank once.  It will alert you immediately to prevent bank account fraud.

 6. Check the source of the app

 Many hackers these days create apps similar to Bank and put them on the App Store.  In such a case, if you have downloaded the wrong application in a hurry, the money will be lost from your account and the data of the phone will also be stolen.  Whenever you install an app in it, you should pay attention to many things like its developer, rating, review, etc.  Many users these days are making the mistake of installing the wrong app.
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General Science Online Test No-1

Today's Subject :- Ingredients of the diet
Give Online Test & Check Your Knowledge About Ingredients of the diet. 

Useful For All Competitive Exams & All The Students Of Gujarat. 
Online Free Quiz For All The Students. 

As we know that Vitamins are essential nutrients and perform several roles in the body. They help the body to grow and work the way it should. Some vitamin help in resisting the infection, help body to get energy from food etc. Let us study more about vitamins through this article in the form of questions and answers which will also help students in the preparation of competitive examination.


Vitamins and proteins are the two common nutrients that we all know. The other essential nutrients are minerals, fat, carbohydrates, etc. While we all know the individual functionality and importance of these nutrients, do you know the differences between them? These are a part of balanced diet which needs to be maintained for health and wellness. In this article we will talk about how vitamin and protein are different from each other and what’s more important and why.

You should note that lack of any one of the nutrients can also push you towards physical problems. Therefore it is necessary to have a balanced diet, which contains almost all the nutrients to prevent any kind of diseases. In addition, you can consult a doctor or dietician who can help you with the diet and supplement chart which is ideal for you.

Vitamins and proteins are the two common nutrients that we all know. The other essential nutrients are minerals, fat, carbohydrates, etc. While we all know the individual functionality and importance of these nutrients, do you know the differences between them? These are a part of balanced diet which needs to be maintained for health and wellness. In this article we will talk about how vitamin and protein are different from each other and what’s more important and why.

You should note that lack of any one of the nutrients can also push you towards physical problems. Therefore it is necessary to have a balanced diet, which contains almost all the nutrients to prevent any kind of diseases. In addition, you can consult a doctor or dietician who can help you with the diet and supplement chart which is ideal for you.

1. Different types of Vitamins are:
A. Fat-Soluble 
B. Water-Soluble 
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above
Ans. C
Explanation: Vitamins are divided in to two categories: fat-soluble and water-soluble.

2. Fat soluble Vitamins are:
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin E
D. All of the above
Ans. D
Explanation: Fat-soluble vitamins are: A,D,E and K.

3. Niacin is the chemical name of which Vitamin?
A. Vitamin B3
B. Vitamin B1
C. Vitamin B2
D. Vitamin C
Ans. A
Explanation: The chemical name of Vitamin B3 is Niacin which is a water soluble vitamin. Whereas of B1 is Thiamine, B2 is Riboflavin and C is Ascorbic acid.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Dainik Shabd Manjusha" "Let's know different words in four languages

"Dainik Shabd Manjusha" "Let's know different words in a four languages".
(Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi, English)

Created By :- Jilla Panchayat Six-an Samiti Ahmadabad.

Useful For All the Primary School Teacher & Students. 

> Activity - Learn what are different words are called in a four languages ​​and display five words on the board regularly every day. , Knows and Memories.

Area: –Children of the  Standard 6 to 8. 

Useful for a children from standard 6 to 8 

 Special Note: - Standard 8 children will also be a useful in  a N M M S exam

 Understanding of all the words in four languages ​​

 Includes all the Chapters. 

Understanding in a Sanskrit .. Hindi .. Gujarati .. English

 Purpose of  the video :-
 Know what are different words are called in  a four languages
 ➖ Children's language fund are develops in four languages
 Children's vocabulary will be a  increase
 ભાષાChildren's language becomes rich
 ➖ If possible, write all these words in your notebook
 ➖ The child's interest in a subject education increases
 Increases in the child's self-confidence as well as a cognition
 ➖ Indirectly enriches in the child independent writing

 ➖ Parents are kindly are requested to show in this video if your children are studying in  a Std. 6 to 8. 

 This video has been a made for the benefit of all the children of  the Gujarat


 1) The child's language fund are develops in a four languages. (Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi, English) 

2) Writing in a notebook makes the child have a stored number of  the words. So that the child's language becomes rich.

 3) Interest in a subject education increases. 

 4) Increases  a self-confidence.



 5) The child's curiosity is a satisfied.

 6) Indirectly are enriches  in the child’s independent writing.

 7) which makes it is a easier to understand in the subject. The difficulty of the subject is a removed. 

 8) The child's research instinct is a sharpened.

Must be a Download in This PDF FILE For Your Knowledge. 

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Saturday, September 5, 2020



Submission to the Department of Education to declare the current academic year as zero year Fear: Children who do not have access to online education will remain weak in studies નથી Not only for working and rural parents.  October-November is Navratri and the government will also do educational work in schools in September. TV or online education will be inadequate for festivals like Diwali and Diwali vacation is also Navgujarat time.  In those circumstances, even if the government does not have the threat of corona in the school in Gandhinagar, it is likely that most of the schools in the state will have about four months to teach online before the new session.  Teaching on the other hand.  The way it is being taught online is not suitable for all children.  It teaches schools and especially children in rural areas to feel right in their own way.  The question of how much can be learned by the state government is not enough to provide online education on a TV channel. It is not conducive for children in rural areas with primary education being 2020-21 by some social organizations.  There is a demand to declare the rural academic year as zero year.  The working class was expensive for online education, with mass promotions being given at the primary level even in the year when the economic loss due to corona in the previous educational area was higher.  Even in this second year after that, in online education, of course, it is not possible to arrange regular phone and recharge.  This foundation is likely to remain raw for children who are weak in learning or who do not have access to online education even if 40 per cent of the course is completed in these circumstances.  Because of this, they may be at a disadvantage with the question of how much quality education they will receive in the future.  There is a fear that they will become weaker again through such incomplete studies.  Therefore, the government will have to pass this year's exam for the second year in a row. Primary children should be kept in the same standard.  It is possible that a step like mass promotion again may require the state education department to take the lead in social organization.  In those circumstances, the current year has been declared a zero year, according to a written submission, the threat of Corona is still in the submission to make the right decision.

Gujket's result for admission in degree engineering today »Gujarat Secondary Education The mark sheet of this result i.e. when the mark sheet will be available from the website of the board will be announced to the students from now on at 8 am.  Gujarat will be able to know the result. If students other than the board have given Gujkat, they will be sent through Marksheetpal's Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad.  Admission in Degree Engineering is allotted on the basis of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education results of Gujket and Std. 12 Science taken by the Board of Secondary Education.  Currently, the result of degree Gujkat will be announced on the board's website at 8 am tomorrow for registration for admission in engineering.  The result of this has been done tomorrow on a full-fledged degree in Engineering - Pharmacy.  So even after the extension of the registration deadline tomorrow, the degree is the last day.  Details of how many students in engineering have previously registered due to the Corona epidemic will be released after being postponed twice.  With this, the examination was held at the end of August for admission in the same degree engineering.  An expanded program will also be announced in this exam.  A total of 1 lakh 3 thousand students were registered for engineering and 30 for Gujkat.  Out of which the admission process in degree engineering is examined by 1 lakh students on an approximately 1 basis.  The result was given later.  The details of Gujkat's marks will be sent to the Admissions Committee by this board tomorrow morning to announce the result of Gujkat.  The result will be known from the merit list public after the students visit the board's website.  will be done .

Out of 11751, 71 students will join Merit after submission of documents. 11681 students in Merit for the third round in Commerce. 8th Final Merit students will be included in the merit list and allotment.  By category Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad Gujarat Board has 8 in EWS category, 218 in General category, 212 in SC category with Gujarat University, 2030 in Commerce colleges affiliated to SEBC, 30 in ST category, currently in the third position in the admission process.  Provisional Meritlist public rounds have been completed on the basis of two 10, 8 in General and 2 in SC for admission in Commerce College for registration of students in EWS category in other boards.  The third has been 12, 31 in SEBC and ST.  In this merit list, the round has also been included in the reshuffling round public category, 10 students are currently included in the remaining 1171 students.  The third online round has been launched.  When 21 students were instructed to fill the form, they did not submit enough documents out of a total of 15,000.  In which more than 1500 students vacated more seats.  This is not included in the merit list.  Registration has been done by taking PIN.  If admission is required, in the remaining two days in the third round, these students have been registered by the committee today.  The merit list of the college has been declared by including it in the merit list to be passed in the examination.  Allocation will be made if 21 students are included.  This year, the number of vacancies for students has been reduced to 5,000 for some reason. The number of vacancies has not been included in the merit list.  Whatever happens.

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Thursday, September 3, 2020



The decision not to extend the deadline will not be extended as it will affect the study: Bhupendrasinh કુલ Total from across the state.  NSUI, on the other hand, announced in the newspapers this August that out of 2,02,420 applications, several parents had to fill up forms on the issue.  As many as 1,19,697 applications required for filling up the online form have been approved. As many as 24,045 applications have been rejected before the Primary Education Department.  In order to be able to do so, from 7th August to Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad State Education Minister gave the time of the day to the parents as to why the term can be extended till 18th August for a total of 11 reasons.  The right to education was not clarified online.  Subsequently, after the completion of the form filling deadline, many said that the private schools in the state have started online education work from the 19th to the 29th by requesting the parents to extend the deadline for filling up the online forms.  Applicants were given 10 days to apply online for Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama if RTE admission has been granted to the state today.  Thus, in order to extend the online form for required RTE admission or to extend the deadline for filling up the form by collecting rejected documents, the total period for amending the form is said to be a total of 3 days.  Is.  As this is likely to be affected, the first round of admissions cannot be made online in time for the RTE admissions by the parents during the public period.  So, the deadline for submitting a total of 2,09,50 applications of students will be extended, which will affect the teaching work.  Of which, not today's date. Thus, there is a possibility of clarification from the Minister of Education.  He further said that due to 1,12,8 from district level, now the deadline in Right to Education is now, academic year 2020- applications have been approved and 2,05 will not be extended.  Is.

21008 students will give flight exam in Gujarat University from today Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad was given.  UGC and state colleges will arrange seating arrangements for one student on one bench by September 30.  Apart from urging the Gujarat University to complete the examinations so far, the offline exams of the students have been postponed three times from September 3 and 12 till now.  Announcing the first phase to a student from tomorrow. In case of fever or any other symptom tomorrow, in case of starting offline exam, the first phase examination will start from 3rd and he will come to take the examination separately.  The exam will include Arts, Commerce and.  34 outside Gujarat University, arrangements have also been made.  The U.G. of this Science.  - In the last examination of PG, M.A.  - In Semester 4, 1759, year and all the years of the year together, 1043 students will be present in 102 centers, a total of 21008 students will be present.  Seating will be arranged.  While M.Com.  46 students of Ahmedabad and 5038 students of Gandhinagar and 4 in semester and 4085 students of external Viramgam district will appear for the examination at 22 centers of Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar district.  LLB examination seating arrangements were arranged and 22 of Viramgam got 2947 in total 102 second semester, 4 in semester.  A total of 21008 students from 102 centers will appear for the examination 2343 and 1743 students in Semester 6 will appear for the examination tomorrow.  Will give.  Will be attended by the University from 10 a.m.  In M.Ed Semester 4, the university will conduct examinations in two phases of last year 12 and 3 to 5 pm, day 581, LLM-1 153 and semester both offline and online.  What will be the arrangement in this examination after announcing to take the examination in 305 students appearing in the examination.  In Integrated Law, each college has been instructed to have twice the dates of offline examination in Semester 2, 208 in Semester 4, 203 in Semester 6 and the program has also been announced.  Social 177, 205 in Semester 8 and 178 out of 10 students will be present after the examination is postponed.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Important Educational News Updates Of Date:-01/09/2020 are Below. Read it.

Ready Daily Educational News UPDATES on This Site. We daily updates new & Latest Educational News updates from various newspapers Like Sandesh, Gujarat Samachar, Navgujarat Samay, Jay Hind Etc. Newspapers of Gujarat.

Eligible students will have to go to self-governing BEd colleges after the controversial entrance exams.  Fears that government seats will become vacant and professors will also become vacant have been attached to Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad University.  So in B.Sc. B.Ed, 140 academics say against 220. Thus, the university now had 80 vacancies.  The emphasis on quantity instead of quality by the State Teachers University in Hindi started for admission in more than 70 recently taken B.Ed., filling 230 seats out of 310.  The seat is vacant.  The process of admission on the basis of examinations in Commerce and Sanskrit is currently going on in 140 of the 308 seats in Government and Granted Colleges recently, especially in Commerce.  Importantly, the entrance exam was recently held.  More than 160 seats have been vacated.  Today all government and granted B.Ed.  There was a great deal of controversy.  Currently, the situation is similar in other subjects as well. Experts say that the first choice of students has been taken to start the admission process based on the results of the examinations involving B.Ed colleges in Teachers University.  Perime this has been governmental and.  Sources said that the seats of government and grant aided colleges for admission have also remained vacant.  The statistics that are coming out are worth watching.  On the other hand, despite the percentage of government and grant-aided college professors who could not pass the entrance exam, the admission of students in government colleges inevitably spread the fragrance of a self-sufficient college in the country.  Even the last 6 have not been able to qualify for future vacancies.  A situation has arisen where one has to surrender.  Over the years teachers have started to fall out.  It's kind of falling!  Now that the seats have been vacated, the scope of work of the government-granted Teachers' University is approximately 10 years ago, sources said.  The possibility of a vacancy in the coming days by Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot be ruled out as the number of students in the state has taken admission by expanding the scope of work of the university.  There were empty seat numbers.  The purpose of this university is to prepare good teachers by contacting the registrar of the university on the issue of master's degree in a college in Porbandar which is affiliated to all the world class universities.  They could not be found according to the subject.

Instructions to universities to implement the new education policy as soon as possible: An online meeting was held with self-reliant chancellors of all the universities in the state for the students to get employment with Anjuben Sharma, Education Secretary, Nagraj.  In which the Chancellor of Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University Dr.  JJ Navgujarat Samay> Patan Vara also participated.  During the meeting, special emphasis was laid by various states including Education Minister U Gu Uni for speedy implementation of the policy of the state education minister and top officials of the new education department implemented by the central government in the universities.  Credit exchange rules, students had an online meeting with the chancellors of the university.  In which various courses were discussed to give maximum benefit of Central Choice Base Credit System prepared by the government.  The students were given the necessary instruction.  Special emphasis was laid on building the character, along with Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, to provide employment opportunities to the state level Education Minister Vibhavariben and to make the self-reliant Dave the Secretary of the Education Department.

40145 students have registered for 55950 seats in Diploma Engineering.  Sources in the Admissions Committee said that so far, i.e. 35785 students in Diploma Engineering after additional Std.  With this the term was extended.  After extending this period, the term has been extended by approximately 4350 till 31st.  However, by 7 pm 39880 a total of 40145 students were registered and new students were registered.  Was done, 35795 students have already registered the fee after the new students registered.  Was done.  Thus, so far 4350 students have been registered. Now by the admission committee on 3rd approximately 40145 thousand students have been registered.  Final Seatmetrics has registered on 9th Provisional September.  Will now be announced.  Based on which the admission merit list will be announced on 9th September, if there is any defect or difficulty, the students will be able to amend the provisional merit list from 9th to 15th September by the committee.  Will be announced.  Choice filling for the current admission mockround in Provisional Meritlist Diploma Engineering will be announced on 9th September.  Based on which the total number of seats to be filled by the committee from 9th and the number of choices for mockround from 18th to 15th is 55950.  The rest of the approximate meritlist will be announced and the filling process will be announced.  About 8,000 seats at 50 per cent have been allotted in the final merit list management quota on September 18.  The students had registered.  And the committee will come to announce the result of the mock round due to the demand of the students for its 55950 seats.  Thus, in view of the present situation, the students were instructed to register for admission in the Diploma Engineering equivalent to the Engineering equivalent to register for admission by 8th August.  The deadline was extended to 35795 by August 31 to see the picture of less vacant seats till August 31.  Today is the deadline.
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