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Monday, November 30, 2020



The second phase of loyalty training of 18 courses from 1st December was also done for teachers.  A circular stating that all BRC-CRC co-ordinators will be required to participate in the training, which will be held from October 3 to November 6, was attended by teachers in the state.  Which is done.  Following the launch of this training Nishtha on Diksha course, now in the second phase in the month of December, following the block resource, 21 co-ordinators (BRCs) and cluster resource on the Diksha platform will be re-launched for the period of December (co-ordination).  It has also been decided to have this training for CRC).  Which teachers will come first.  BRC - CRC Coordinators are to join this course through the platform to know that initiation has been made mandatory.  Which will be in the first phase from October 2 to November 3.  This training of 12 courses has been conducted for the more clear teachers of all the modules of loyalty. With the intention of educating the remaining teachers, the second phase of training will be started from December 1 after the byseg.  In which the teachers who have gone to the first stage get to know the second.  So that those who joined the training could not get the training for any reason, they can join the stage.  In addition, BRC - CRC will also benefit from the broadcast program.  Due to monitoring of loyalty training, they joined the phase training for some reason. The course was not given to BRC-CRC by Byseg so that they too could be aware of this training.  Such a decision has been taken.  And Ministry of Health Wellness, School Based Human Resource Development and BRC-CRC Coordinator Evaluation at Taluka level, Environmental Methodology, Conducting Monitoring of Integrity Training by National Council of Educational Research Mathematical Methodology, Social Science and Training (NCT)  Since BRC - CRC Coordinators Methodology, Methodology of Languages, Gujarat Council of Educational Research Nistha Teacher Training Courses  The 12 courses of training of various modules will be organized in a phased manner starting from December.

After applying, the candidates who were absent in 2013 were absent. In 6 posts of four cadres of Manpani, 4 candidates appeared for the examination. Out of the Rajkot candidates, 4 candidates were appearing in the examination.  While 2012 absent exams were held in different centers today.  The merit of those who passed was taken up.  Interviews were also increased if the difference between the number of absent candidates and the number of absent candidates was negligible.  Can happen.  He said that the number of absentee work assistants is 2 for mechanical, 2 for assistants is big, 1 for manager, 1 for coroner of designer civil as well as 1 candidate for insect collector elsewhere and less attendance for recruitment in these examinations.  Getting.  The exam was taken today.  Establishment sources, who took over late after the announcement, said attendance in the 30 exams was declining.  Further action will be taken by making merit of the examination

As per the announcement made by the Minister of Education, the board examination will be held in May 2021. The process of filling up the form for Std.  Following this, further preparations are being made to be held in May 2021.  Announced.  Work will be started, however, this time following the announcement of Corona. Following this announcement, the board is now Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad and something different.  Have to follow.  Starting in the month of January, like every year, this time the schools opened in November and the arrival of Corona is planned in the online form March-2020.  So that after the board's work of filling Std. 10 and 12 exams proved to be dangerous, so far schools in the state have to fill up online forms four months before the exam, so it is not open for a single day in January.  All forms can be filled out and then board operations cannot be started.  The schools are planning to carry out this operation not only through online education but also other activities are being carried out properly by the board from January.  Gujarat is giving only secondary and higher.  This could be located next.  The process of filling up the forms for the examination, which started in January, will continue till March every year by the Board of Secondary Education and it will start by the end of February.  The Minister of Education said that Std. 10 and Std. 12 examinations in Std. 10 months, in other standards, even after completion of my promotion work, the Board and the Board of Std. 12 examinations are taken in May, and for this examination or in any other way the children pass.  The board will be able to take it to the next level four months in advance, i.e. in November, after the announcement of the mass preparation time.  So that the board has enough time in May to fill up the online form in January.  But he will be able to take Std.  However, Corona's form-filling process will begin.  Is started.  It is impossible for the state education minister to say what will happen in the coming days due to the increasing cases of corona, which will affect the board in a matter of months.
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Sunday, November 29, 2020



Manoj V.  Patel Chandrakant b.  Khakhariya 

Subject: Establishment of primary teachers for the year starting from June 20 as per new education policy 2020 and RTE ACT-2009.  

Submission to the Minister of Education by the State Nagar Primary Teachers Union on issues including establishment of primary teachers for the year starting from 2021. 

 If there are 100 numbers in Std. 6 to 8, there is a provision to allocate three teachers namely room time exercise teacher, art teacher and work experience teacher.

 It has been decided by the Department of Education, Government of India (MHRD) to implement a new education policy.  Similarly, the Government of Gujarat has also constituted a Task Force on New Education Policy and has started work to implement it as soon as possible.  In the context of the new education policy, provisions have been made regarding the establishment of teachers.  A presentation has been made to the Minister of Education by the President of the Gujarat State Nagar Primary Teachers' Union, Chandrakant Khakhariya, regarding the implementation of this provision in the future.

 (1) The provisions of Sections 19 and 25 of RTE ACT-2009 as well as the issue of teacher qualification of the new education policy no.  As per 5.5 the establishment reference of the next teacher needs to be changed.  According to which there is provision of 1 head teacher for 150 students in Std. 1 to 5 (in primary section).  But the headmaster is not allotted accordingly by the Gujarat government in the establishment.  Thus 120 to 200 students get a total of 5 (five) teachers.  But 150 students should be considered for allocating 1 additional senior teacher / head teacher.

 (2) As per the provisions of Section 19 and 25 of RTE ACT-2009 as well as the new Education Policy Teacher Qualification Issue No. 5.5, if there are 100 numbers of Std. 6 to 8 in the complex of Std.  There is a provision to allocate three teachers.  Also, such a provision has been made in the new education policy. If such teachers are included in the primary schools with more than 250 students to perform their duty in the primary schools of Gujarat, then the question of separate establishment can be solved.

 Thus, in the above details, appointments of traveling teachers in these subjects were earlier given by the government.  In this regard also, especially in very large schools in urban areas, it has been mentioned in the letter that a separate establishment should be considered by allocating such part-time teachers or teachers with academic qualifications in the subject from among the existing teachers.

Our Application overview:

– Animated Videos For Audio Visual Learning as per new NCERT syllabus

– GSEB / GHSEB News (Paripatro/Notifications)

– New 2019-20 NCERT (GCERT) Books

– GSEB Exam Schedule (Time Table) & Rules

– GSEB Textbooks For Standard 1 to 12

– MCQ For Std 5 to 12 (currently adding)

– MCQ Provided As Per Curriculum and

– MCQ Provided As Per IIT-JEE/NEET for 11 and 12 Science 

– Old Question Paper + Sample paper GSEB

– Study Material for practice 

– Gujarat Board Textbook in Gujarati

– Download Text Books Offline

– Std 10 all subject book in Gujarati

– Std 12 all subject book in Gujarati

– Std 10 MCQs in Gujarati

–Std 12 MCQs in Gujarati

–gpsc material

-At the end of practice student can get the summary also. They can update their knowledge by getting the current answers of their wrong answers.

.For Teachers,

We want professional and well qualified teachers and staff for making animated educational videos. So we are planning for recruitment or partnership for the same. If you want to collaborate with us, you can contact us by below contact details.

Those who can't afford expensive coaching classes,we are here to help you.
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Friday, November 20, 2020



NMMS Scholarship 2020 - National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) is offered by MHRD, Government of India. There are almost. 1 lakh NMMS scholarships are given to students every year. Students must appear in the written entrance exam of NMMS 2020 Scholarship to be eligible. The NMMS 2020 exam will be held on December 12, 13 and 20. The NMMS 2020 Scholarship Examination is conducted by the State Relevant Education Research Training (SCERT) for their respective State.

The NMMS 2020 Scholarship Application Form has been issued by various meetings and some states will soon release this application form. The NMMS 2020 Scholarship Application Form will be available in both online and offline mode. Students who qualify for the NMMS 2020 Scholarship Examination with minimum required marks will be eligible to receive the scholarship amount. The maximum NMMS scholarship is INR 12000 p. a. For each individual student.

This article contains all the relevant details of NMMS 2020 Scholarship such as application form, eligibility criteria, examination pattern, syllabus, result etc. Go to the full article to know in detail about NMMS 2020 Scholarship.

Central Sector Plan National Earth-cum-Merit

Schoolarship plan

Plan 1.0

1.1 Under this scheme 100,000 scholarships are given to gifted or meritorious
The parental income of the students is Rs. 1,50,000 / - per annum
All sources. Each State / UT has a fixed quota of scholarships given in the apprenticeship
Of the respective age group of the eighth and eighth classes. Will provide the plan
Reservation of students in various categories as per State / Union Territory norms; like
Different States / UTs have their own standards of reserves.
1.2 This scholarship will be given to the students studying on an annual basis
Regular ninth grade students in government, supportive and local organization
The schools will be renewed for class X, XI and XII. Thus scholarship
Will last for a maximum of four years.
1.3 Scholarship amount Rs. 12000 / - per annum @ Rs. 1000 per month.
1.4 A separate examination will be conducted by the State Governments / Joint State Schools
Administration for selection of students for National Minskam-Merit Scholarship Award in States / UTs.
Procedure for selection of award winning students:


Subjects i.e., Science, Social Studies and Mathematics VII are taught
The. 2.5 Test duration
Each test will have a duration of 90 minutes. Will be given to disabled children
Extra time, as applicable.
Results. Results Announcement of results
1.1 For the selection of students, the following conditions may apply:
(i) Students must pass both the exams i.e. MAT and SAT with at least 40% marks
Overall taken simultaneously for these two tests. For SC / ST students, this is truncated
There will be 32% marks.
(ii) The student must have at the time of selection for the scholarship award
Achieved at least 55% mark or equivalent grade in 8th standard examination. There
There will be 5% discount for SC / ST students.
(iii) Recipients of the award should be satisfied in terms of eligibility and conditions



Distribution of S.0 Scholarship

1.1 Students can get only one scholarship under any scheme.
2.2 Prizes will have to be opened in SBI, or any public preferred bank account
Sector Bank or any scheduled bank which has core banking facility.
3.3 State Governments / United States Administration will usually send proposals / lists
On-line beneficiaries on the scholarship portal. The ministry will investigate
Proposal and approval of funds from the annual budget provision for the release of SBI,
Implementation bank for a scheme to distribute scholarships directly to students
To their bank accounts by electronic transfer.
4.4 Award recipients should get at least 55% marks in class IX and XII and 60% marks in class
X to continue scholarship (5% relief for SC / ST candidates)
Upper classes.

S. SBI will ensure that scholarship recipients are paid at the same time (Rs. 12,000)
Immediately after receiving funding and inventory from the Ministry.
6.6 SBI will instruct some of its branches to coordinate with the state education department
In terms of scholarship payments.
5. General eligibility conditions
1.1 The awardee is eligible for the scholarship if he / she:
i. Study in recognized courses.
ii. Maintains good behavior as certified by the head of the college ledge / institution

Continues his studies as a regular student with government / government assistance
/ Local organization.
iii. Do not absent yourself without proper leave.
iv. Study on a full time basis.
V. No one takes the job.
.2.5 No scholarship will be available for study abroad for any course.
.3..3 Scholarships No claims remaining will be entertained after the expiration of 12 months
Academic session for which someone has applied for a claim.
.4..4 If an award leaves its course within one month of its completion
Registration / admission, no scholarship will be paid to him / her.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Matter of resumption of colleges in post lockdown under the situation arising due to global epidemic of Corona

Subject: - Matter of resumption of colleges in post lockdown under the situation arising due to global epidemic of Corona.  Reference: - Resolution No. of Education Department: Karne / 102050 / so6060 / B-1, T.  19.11.2030.  Sir, to mention the above subject and context, to start offline (physically) educational work for the final year (semester - 2/3) students in all the colleges of higher education including government as well as non-government aided colleges of the state from next 9,11.2050.  Decided to do.  Following which the colleges are asked to start classes with vigilance in the following matters.  

That the relevant resolution of the education department and the instructions as per the guideline of UGC dated 09.11.2030 should be strictly implemented.  - It will be voluntary for students to attend offline (physically) academic work and for that colleges will have to get a letter of consent from the student or parent.  Students who do not join the class will have to arrange online study.  At present only final year students have to be given physical education.  Other classes will have to continue online study.  - The principals of the college will have to decide whether to call 50% -50% students or to call a batch of 1/2 students keeping in view the local situation and facilities. 

પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

The college campus will have to be properly cleaned and sanitized by 2.11.2030.  Adequate number of face masks, hand washing and sanitation points should be maintained.  > Care must be taken to ensure that no infected or symptomatic person enters the campus.  > Where more than one educational institution is functioning in the same building, all the principals will have to stay together and make smooth arrangements.  In addition, students and staff members should be encouraged to do the free health education courses on the GOT platform on Kovid-12 prepared by the DOPT of the Government of India.
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Monday, November 9, 2020



Hindu calendar APP 2021

The almanac also known as Panchangam is used to indicate the five elements of Vedic astrology, namely Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karna and Var i.e. days of the week. These five elements connected for one day are known as the Panchang. These five elements change daily with the motion of the moon and the sun. Therefore, the followers of Hinduism refer to Panchgam day by day. The Panchang is also known as the Hindu calendar.

One of the most notable Panchachams available on the internet is Drick Panchang. It has been made available for Android devices with similar features and accuracy, such as This original almanac, which does not require internet connectivity to use, comes with the following features

Grid Calendar -

The grid can be customized for the lunar calendar as well as for solar lenders including Bengali Panjika, Malayalam Panchamgam, Oriya Panji and Tamil Panchacham. Lunar lenders can be customized by selecting the Purnimant and Amanta option and the Vikram Samvat, Shaka Samvat and Gujarati Samvat options. These choices can convert the lunar calendar into Gujarati Panchang, Telugu Panchanga or Kannada Panchangam.

Festivals -

The Drik Panchang is a comprehensive resource, covering most Hindu and Indian festivals, government holidays, jayanti, fasting days including Ekadashi, Sankashti, Pradosham, Purnima, Sankranti, Durgashtami and Shivratri. The Drink Panchang lists lunar eclipse and solar eclipse dates in the year.

Horoscope Support -

Dric comes with Panchang Kundli support and can generate Lagna, Navmasha, Sun, Moon and Venus Kundli for any date, time and place. In the marriage horoscope it shows detailed planetary positions for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, True Rahu, True Ketu, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The horoscope can be drawn in North Indian or South Indian chart format. The horoscope can be saved, edited, cached or opened using the horoscope editor. Each horoscope tages with the execution of Dasha and Antardasha. The horoscope comes with the option to explore Dasha and Antardasha in detail for the next 120 years.

Daily Panchamgam - In addition to the list of the five basic elements of Panchgam, a detailed daily almanac publishes Panchak, Ganda Mula, Bhadra, Vinchudo and every auspicious yoga including Ravi, Amrita, Sarvarth Siddhi, Tripushkar, Dvipushkar, Ravi Pushya and Guru Pushya.

The daily Panchamgam also has a list of Abhijit Muhurata, Amrut Kalam, Rahu Kalam, Gulikai Kalam, Yamaganda, Dur Muhuratam, Varjyam and Anandadi Yoga

Muhurta Table - Drick Panchang Day and Night Chogadia, Shubh Horai and Uday Lagna Each running moment is shown with a countdown timer.

Vedic Timer - Vedic time also known as Ishtakal is provided to track time according to the Vedic age of Hinduism. In Vedic times, every day (from sunrise to sunrise) is divided into valley, pala and vipla like our, mins and seconds. In keeping Vedic time, 60 ghats make one day, 60 palas make one ghati and 60 viplas make one pal. It shows 00:00:00 on the sunrise timer and 30:00:00 at sunset.

Horoscope Match - The application can be used to match two horoscopes based on Ashta Kuta. Each matched horoscope result is saved for future reference.

Add Date - User defined date can be added to Punch date with Hindu date or Gregorian date with recursive reminder.

Localization - The application supports all major Indian languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil or Telugu, with English as the default language.


Hindu Lender Application

Location - Almanacs can be generated for any location and city around the world to get the exact date of fasting and festivals. The application comes with in-built DST support and there is no need to configure time for DST.

Theme - Basically a classic theme set based on traditional Indian colors. However, it can be changed to modern looking themes that come in red, green and blue.


Calendar Images (January 2021 to December 2021)

Rat Vrat Katha - Ekadashi and other festivals

Gujarati calendar with Og Chogadia

્યો Sunrise and sunset time

હે Festivals 2021 (Gujarati festivals)

Oliday Holidays 2021 (Gujarati Holidays)

20 auspicious moments 2021 (wedding date, house entry dates, vehicle purchase details, salutation dates)

Aks constellation and zodiac details

Every fasting day every month

21 Government holidays of 2021

✦ Gujarati Astrology Information or Gujarati Astrology Details (Gujarati Astrology)

Ast Gujarati Astrology 2021 / Gujarati Horoscope Share with your friends and family

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This app helps digitise the answer sheet of weekly exams held in Gujarat by SSA.

SSA conducts weekly tests to help students become proficient in key learning objectives. This app has been launched by SSA with questions being provided by GCERT, to enable easy and quick data collection at the question level for the answers that students provide in these weekly tests.

Video explaining how to make an entry

Full understanding pdf
  Save this link for complete information. It will be useful to make daily entry.
saraldata App for unit test PAT ONLINE mark entry 
This app helps digitise the answer sheet of weekly exams held in Gujarat by SSA.
SSA gujarat Declared saraldata app for PAT entry for primary schools. Primary stage 10 district Selected for PAT entry online entry.



The following districts have been selected for online entry of the unit test.

The unit taken from this year is new for the entry of test multiples The medium comes into play. Entry of unit test multiplier Given in the unit test booklet through mobile application The table has to be scanned and the entry has to be made. For this Detailed guidance on application and its use.
Is given.
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Saturday, November 7, 2020



GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2019, Gujarat State Education Recruitment Board (GSERC) has released the Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2019 – jobs in Gujarat online Notification on the official website.

GSERC. Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2019- jobs in Gujarat online Notification: – Gujarat State Education Recruitment Board  has invited the online application form for the posts of the Shikshan Sahayak. The official board has released the vacancies for the Shikshan Sahayak. Candidates may check the official notification of the GSERC

From the official notification, you can get about the academic qualification, age limit, age relaxation, exam fee, total vacancies, selection process, how to apply and others. Here we also provide the official link to access the GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2019 jobs in Gujarat. Candidates stay connects with us for the latest updates related to the GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2019 jobs in Gujarat.

About Gujarat State Education Recruitment Board @ Details

"Selection Committee for the recruitment of Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational Staff" has been constituted for Government Schools and Government Non-Government Aided Schools with the notification of the State Government dated.

The members of this committee are as follows.
Director, School Office, Gandhinagar - Chairman, Designation
Vice President, Gujarat. And uh Board of Education, Gandhinagar- Member
Senior Government Officer - Member of the lower rank frI8om the Deputy Secretary to the Government to be appointed.
Two nominated academics to be nominated by the government - a member
Representative - A member of the accredited Association of School Operations, nominated by the Government
Joint Director, Education, Gandhinagar - Member and Member Secretary
Functions of the Selection Committee: -
The number of teachers to be recruited should be determined by the District Education Officers. However, it would be imperative for district teachers to fill out a demand letter to fill the vacancies of teachers.
Applications should be requested through advertisements in Gujarati and English newspapers which are widely spread in the state.
Requests received must be verified.
The concerned District Education Officer and the governing body of the respective schools should recommend the names of the candidates selected for appointment.
Record of recommendations should be maintained.

The Government will have to submit an annual report of its activities in the education department.
From time to time, the Government must be responsible for other tasks entrusted to it.
The selection committee should examine the applications. And for such examination, the Committee may adopt procedures which it deems appropriate
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Thursday, November 5, 2020



The decision in the Cabinet's meeting: The academic work in the school will be initiated after Diwali in Gujarat, after the meeting of the Health and Education Department will be decided after the meeting of the health and education department. 

Because of the witch, Cochid -19 state primary and secondary schools from March-2020 It has decided on the meeting of the cabinet meeting on Wednesday to turn over the last 7 months. Education Minister Bhupendrasinh, said that the meeting received in the president of Chief Minister's Vijay Rupani has decided to initiate the educational work in the schools after Diwali. He said that the first secondary-higher secondary schools are considering the continuation, even though the final decision will be taken after consultation with the health department. 

Action Plan will be prepared, in the meeting of the state cabinet Gandhinagar, in the meeting of Education Minister Geapendra Singh witch proposed on the issue of ongoing cooperation. Ministers, including Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, gave their opinions. Eventually, the closed schools from March -2020 allowed Cabinet to turn again. However, due to the success of not being exempted yet from Cochid -19, schools were decided to organize before preparation. According to the Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Nitin Patel and Education Minister will take a meeting with top officials. 

An action plan will be ready to follow the types of rules to turn schools at this meeting. Schools will be continued with the complying with this action plan, the minister's witch said. The rules about what matters will be compulsory after the mask, social distances, senitization before going to schools. Besides, students will be considered in this regard to arrange the remaining students in a room, including how many students in the water-snack, sitting in a room, arranging the remaining students, arranging the Ode-Ean system or calling students in the same day in the morning. How many things will happen to be done, when the guidelines will be ready after consultation with the health department.
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Download Applicaton for financial calculator exclusively for Indians with the schemes available in Indian Banks, Post Office, Mutual Funds, Retirement, Insurance, 2020

Download  a  Application for a financial calculator exclusively for a Indians with the schemes available in a Indian Banks, Post Office, Mutual Funds, Retirement, Insurance, 2020.

A financial calculator are exclusively for a Indians with in the schemes available in a Indian Banks, Post Office, Mutual Funds, Retirement, Insurance, Bonds and the much more.

* EMI are  Calculator (Loan Calculator / Mortgage Calculator)
* Fixed a Deposit Calculator (T D R - Interest Payout)
* Fixed a Deposit Calculator (S T D R - Cumulative)
* Recurring a Deposit Calculator (RD)

* P P F Calculator (Public Provident in a  Fund)
* Sukanya Samriddhi Account Calculator (SSA)
* Senior Citizens Savings in a Scheme - S C S S are Calculator
* Kisan Vikas Petra - K V P Calculator

* Monthly Income in a Scheme are Calculator (M I S)
* Recurring  Deposit Calculator (RD)
* Time Deposit are Calculator (TD)
* National Savings Certificate - NSC Calculator
* Interest Rates (%) of  the Post Office in a Schemes

* Mutual Funds Information
* E L S S  are Calculator (Equity Linked  are Savings in a Scheme)
* SIP Calculator (Systematic Investment Plan)
* S W P Calculator (Systematic Withdrawal in a Plan)

* N P S Calculator (National Pension System)
* E P F Calculator (Employees Provident Fund)
* A P S Calculator (Alta Pension Scheme / Alta Pension Yojana)
* PM Sham Yogi Man-dhan in a  Scheme (P M S Y M  Calculator)
* PM Vaya Vandhana Scheme (P M V V S Calculator)
* Gratuity Calculator

* Income Tax Calculator
* Capital Gains in a Tax (C G T) Calculator

This App are provides in the following calculators for a both Mobile Phones and Tablets.

* Postal Life Insurance - P L I Calculator
* Rural Postal Life Insurance - R P L I Calculator
* PM Jeevan Jyoti Bi-ma Scheme - P M J J B Calculator
* PM Suraksha Bi-ma in a Scheme - P M S B Calculator

* Bonds Overview
* Floating Rate are  Savings Bonds (F R S B)
* Sovereign Gold Bond in a Scheme (S G B)
* 54 EC Bonds (save a Capital Gains in a Tax)

* Simple Interest Calculator
* Compound Interest are Calculator

* Works on a both Smart Phones and Tablets
* Exclusively for in the people of the India with a Indian finance schemes
* Helps you take a informed decisions about to your finance
* Indian number format
* Displays in the Maturity amount
* Displays "Total Amount in a Deposited" and "Total Interest are Earned"
* Displays are Yearly and Monthly growth are reports
* Sends in the reports via E-mail
* Displays visually intuitive graphs
* Contains in-built information about in the Schemes details

Internet permission is a required for a Analytics and displaying Ads.

Kindly consider in these calculators as a guidance only. Investors are required to make in their own assessment before  a investing.
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How To Avoid Getting Sick In The Cold

How To Avoid Getting Sick In The Cold

How To Avoid Getting Sick In The Cold: People Suffering From Asthma And Migraines Should Be Extra Careful, Learn Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter

  • Boil in milk, mix basil and turmeric and follow the instructions of PO, Corona properly.
  • Drinking a decoction of small pepper and poppy seeds with ajma will be safe for asthma patients

The winter season has arrived. Now we feel cold during morning and night. This season is known for eating and drinking fun and holidays. But the risk of getting sick this season remains the same. Dr. Aims at Bhopal. According to Vineet Dwivedi, one can avoid falling ill by taking precautions this season.

The winter season increases the risk of asthma and joint pain. Special attention is paid to senior citizens and children. This season, boiled, basil and turmeric milk are very effective remedies, which can save you from getting sick.

Precautions To Prevent Colds

  • Take pepper and cloves
  • Use basil
  • Use ginger
  • Use nutmeg
  • Drink warm milk with turmeric
  • Eat honey

Colds Can Cause These 8 Problems, Learn How To Avoid Them

1. Diarrhea

The problem of constipation i.e. diarrhea increases in winter season. Our digestive system works a little slower because the temperature is cold. Drink plenty of water this season to avoid it. Eat cumin powder after eating. It will keep your body warm. So, your digestive power will be good.

Eating more cold in the winter season should be avoided and walking should definitely be done after eating. Also keep taking black pepper and cloves to keep the body warm.

2. Migraine

Many people get headaches due to cold air and cold, which do not go away easily. When this happens apply the nutmeg PC in milk on the forehead. This will get rid of the headache very quickly.

Winter colds are very common. Therefore, the problems of people suffering from migraines increase this season. To avoid this, keep taking decoctions and anti-allergic medications on the advice of a doctor.

3. Dry Skin

Lip cracking is common for skin in winter. Applying kokum oil on chapped lips has many benefits. This softens the skin of the lips.

ADO cracking of the legs also causes problems during the winter season. If this happens then applying onion paste or wax on the ADO of the foot will provide relief.

4. Cough And Cough

Cough usually accumulates in the chest during winter and causes a lot of trouble. Eat figs for this. This will relieve the cough and relieve the cough. Such problems can be avoided by keeping the body warm. You can also drink hot milk with turmeric for this.

5. Fever

It is normal to have a fever if it feels too cold. To avoid this, it is beneficial to take ajma powder 3 times a day. A decoction of basil is also beneficial.

6. Viral

If viral fever i.e. cough, cold and fever occur simultaneously, making and drinking mint leaf tea gives relief. It is important to protect yourself from this.

Avoid Viral This Way

  • Wear warm clothes. Eat warm food.
  • Wear gloves and shoes when riding a bike.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Drink warm water.

7. Asthma Patients Take Extra Precautions

Excessive phlegm can increase the risk of asthma patients. Drinking a decoction of small pepper and poppy seeds with ajma gives immediate relief. Ginger and dried ginger are very effective for asthma sufferers. Experiment with ginger in meals and tea. Take dried ginger with honey.

8. Joint Pain

The problem of joint pain remains in winter. Add 3-4 garlic cloves in fern oil, heat it a little and massage it after it cools down. It relieves joint pain and maintains temperature.

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TOP 5 Android Phone With Price Of 8000 Rs

TOP 5 Android Phone With Price Of 8000 Rs

The price of these 5 smartphones is less than 8 thousand rupees, all the smartphones are getting the same exchange bonus and cashback as the price, know the whole deal

  • Indigenous company Micromax made a comeback in India on Tuesday through In Series
  • A few days ago, Poco launched the Poco C3 as a budget smartphone, with the basic variant priced at Rs 7,499.

Diwali now has days of reckoning left. Tech companies are offering huge discounts on products to boost sales. Bonuses are also available on e-commerce platforms and phone exchanges on the official site. Several phones have been launched in the low budget smartphone segment in the last several days.

If your budget is also low, there are several options for you. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of 5 new smartphones launched with a budget of less than Rs 8,000, so that you can facilitate the purchase of the phone. So let's find out what this phone is and what specifications it has.

1. In 1b (By Micromax)

Price: Rs.6999

આ  ફોનના ફીચર ગુજરાતીમાં અહિંથી વાંચો

Indigenous company Micromax made a comeback in India on Tuesday through In Series. The company has launched 2 models 1b and Note 1 in the series, but only 1b can be purchased in a budget of less than 8 thousand. His sale will start from November 26.

This smartphone has a 6.52 inch full HD + mini drop display. It has ultra bright resolution. The phone comes with a combination of 2GB / 4GB RAM with MediaTek Helio G35 processor. Will be able to buy the phone with 32GB and 64GB onboard storage.

Provides dual rear camera setup for photography. It has a 13MP primary lens and a 2MP depth sensor. The phone will also get dual LED flash. There is an 8MP front camera for selfies.

The phone has a powerful battery of 5000mAh, it supports reverse charging technology. That means you can charge another phone with this. You will also get a 10 watt fast charger with the phone.

2. Realmy C12

Price: Rs. 7999

આ  ફોનના ફીચર ગુજરાતીમાં અહિંથી વાંચો

The company has just launched a single (3GB + 32GB) variant a few days ago. The phone is priced at Rs 7,999. Storage can be expanded up to 256GB with the help of micro SD card.

Flipkart is offering an exchange bonus of up to Rs 6,800 on phones. Axis Bank is also offering up to 10% off on credit / debit cards. (Note: The amount of the exchange bonus will depend on the condition and model of the old phone.)

The phone has a 6.52-inch HD display, 6000mAh battery, MediaTek Helio G35 processor, 13MP triple rear camera and 5MP front camera.

3. Gionee F8 Neo

Price: Rs. 5499

આ  ફોનના ફીચર ગુજરાતીમાં અહિંથી વાંચો

The Gionee F8 Neo will get 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, while the phone's storage can be expanded up to 256GB with the help of a microSD card. Low budget phones come with a single rear camera and a 5MP front camera.

The camera has features like Face Unlock, Slow Motion, Panoramic, Night Mode, Time Lapse, Burst Mode, QR Code, Beauty.

The phone has a 5.45 inch LCD display and a 3000mAh battery. The phone is priced at Rs 5,499 and can be purchased from the e-commerce site.

4. Techno Spark Go 2020

Price: Rs 6,499

આ  ફોનના ફીચર ગુજરાતીમાં અહિંથી વાંચો

With a budget of less than Rs 8,000, Techno Spark Go 2020 may be a good option. The company is popular for offering good features at low prices. The single variant of the phone has launched 2GB + 32GB.

It has a 6.52 inch HD + display, 13MP dual rear camera, 8MP front camera, 5000mAh battery and MediaTek Helio A20 processor.

The phone's Ice Jadeite and Aqua Blue colors are available on Flipkart with an exchange bonus of Rs 6,499 and up to Rs 5,950, while the phone's Mystery White color is available with an exchange bonus of up to Rs 7,999 and up to Rs 7,400. (Note: The amount of the exchange bonus will depend on the condition and model of the old phone.)

5. Poko C3

Starting price: Rs.7499

આ  ફોનના ફીચર ગુજરાતીમાં અહિંથી વાંચો

A few days ago Poco launched the Poco C3 smartphone as a budget smartphone. There are two variants available. The 3GB + 32GB variant is priced at Rs 7499, while the 4GB + 64GB variant is priced at Rs 8999.

Its 3GB + 32GB variant can be purchased on a budget of less than Rs 8,000, on which Flipkart is offering an exchange bonus of Rs 6,950 and a 10% discount on Axis Bank credit-debit cards. (Note: The amount of exchange bonus will depend on the condition and model of the old phone)

The phone has a 6.53-inch HD Plus display, a 13MP triple rear camera, a 5MP front camera, a 5000mAh battery and a MediaTek Helio G35 processor.

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Download Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar

Download Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar 

Gujarat Rojgar Samachar. Employment News 2020 Notification about Central and State and State Employment and its Employment Banking Employment Program, Defense, Railway News, Education, Financial Institutions, Government Employment News 2020 gujarat samachar news paper coming evry wednesday launhed must share with your friends and family.

Gujarat Information Department ( publishes Rozgaar Samachar of Gujarat state every week. Many job enthusiast people download it on Wednesday every week. We all know that India is a populated country, and it is becoming a headache for people to secure a job. Jobs and especially Government jobs are not easy to get it. Students have to prepare themselves ahead of time so that they can crack the examinations. In this state, they would need something that would let them know about the available jobs near them. This motivates them to get themselves more prepared and also to fill the forms at a desirable time. Gujarat Rojgar Samachar is doing the very thing for the youths of their state as they know the importance of looking for a job.

Rojgar Samachar. Employment News 2020 Notification about central and state and state employment and its employment banking employment program, defense, railway news, education, financial institutions, government employment news 2020, university and school, SSC, UPSC, agriculture and lots more news. Listed below are the existing 58,875 vacancies of live employment news in various employment companies in India.

Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar 04-11-2020 Updates Latest Edition of July Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar Weekly News Paper date 04-11-2020 has been published and downloadable by below given link. Scroll down and click on the download button beside the date and Gujarat rojgar samachar November 2020.

Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar Weekly News Paper pdf file (04-11-2020) has been published and downloadable by below given link. Scroll down and click on the download button to read full article magazine.

Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar (4 November 2020)
Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar 04-11-2020 : Gujarat Information Department  ( Recently publishes Rozgaar Samachar of Gujarat state Jobs Related information every weekly Magazine. Many job enthusiast people download it on Wednesday every week. We all know that India is a populated country, and it is becoming a headache for people to secure a Government jobs. Jobs and especially Government jobs are not easy to get it. Students have to prepare themselves ahead of time so that they can crack the examinations. In this state, they would need something that would let them know about the available jobs near them. This motivates them to get themselves more prepared and also to fill the forms at a desirable time. Gujarat Rojgar Samachar is doing the very thing for the youths of their state as they know the importance of looking for a job. Pls. Stay with us official information provider website.

Gujarat Rojgar Samachar Weekly e paper pdf download
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GSCSCL Assistant/ Assistant Depot Manager Final Result DECLARE

GSCSCL Assistant/ Assistant Depot Manager Final Result DECLARE

GSCSCL Result 2020 - Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited (GSCSCL) has released the GSCSCL Result 2020 for the Post of Assistant/ Assistant Depot Manager on its official website and GSCSCL Result 2020 is now available in online mode. Applicants Can Check the list of Candidates for the selection to the post of Assistant/ Assistant Depot Manager GSCSCL Result 2020 from the direct official link provided below and who have appeared in the GSCSCL Assistant/ Assistant Depot Manager Examination can now check and download their GSCSCL Result 2020, Result Release Date, Latest GSCSCL Exam Notifications on

GSCSCL Result 2020 will be released by the Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited on its official website in August 2020.  Find all the details here and download the GSCSCL Result 2020 through the direct official link provided below. Upcoming events, as well as important official notification including GSCSCL Result 2020, will be updated here instantly. Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited will release the GSCSCL Result 2020, on its official Website in August 2020. The Candidates who have attended the Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited Assistant Depot Manager 2020 Interview can now check and download their provisionally shortlisted Result 2020 for the Assistant Depot Manager post from the direct official link provided below.
Check  GSCSCL Result 2020

How to check and download the GSCSCL Result 2020?

Stepwise procedure for downloading the GSCSCL Result 2020 is granted by the Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited on its official website. Candidates are requested to follow the below-provided instructions to download their GSCSCL Result 2020 without any difficulty. The following is the procedure to download the GSCSCL Result 2020
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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

History of Gujarat PDF File Download

History of Gujarat PDF File Download

Almost all exam have 10-15 queation from history of gujarat subject. so here i am going to share Gujarat No Itihas PDF Collection with you to do free preparation.
You can download and read Gujarat History PDF from Here.
Are You Searching For History Notes and PDF (Gujarati)? Here We’ve Uploaded All History PDF, NOTES, AND eBook.
History Notes and PDF (Gujarati) From All In PDF complies Into A Single Post. It Will Help Candidates In Revising Indian HISTORY And The Gujarat History For These Exams. It Contains All Important Facts And Details Of History. It Will Be Very Useful For Revising The History Notes and PDF (Gujarati), MCQ, history Quiz and Notes PDF.

Gujarat No Itihas By World Inbox

Being the most basic books and written in very simple language, lucid and neutral perspective makes GSEBs as the base for the entire preparation. One will get most of their basic covered for the geography and history from these books.

Coronaviruses are a group of RNA viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans and birds, they cause respiratory tract infections that can range from mild to lethal. Mild illnesses in humans include some cases of the common cold (which is also caused by other viruses, predominantly rhinoviruses), while more lethal varieties can cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. In cows and pigs they cause diarrhea, while in mice they cause hepatitis and encephalomyelitis. There are as yet no vaccines or antiviral drugs to prevent or treat human coronavirus infections.


PDF Name

Download Link
Best Gujarat No Itihas PDF (800+ Page)Download
Gujarat No Itihas By Perfect AcademyDownload
Gujarat At-A-Glance PDF (300+ Page)Download


Gujarat History By Anamika AcademyDownload
Gujarat History By Astha AcademyDownload
Gujarat no Itihas By Maru gujaratDownload
Gujarat No itihas By World InboxDownload
Gujarat History Most IMP 2000 QueationsDownload
Gujarat History Oneliner By Rangpara NareshDownload
Gujarat History Pdf Book By Praful GadhviDownload
Gujarat ni History By Vishal JamliyaDownload
Gujarat No Itihas By Gk GuruDownload
Gujarat No Itihas By LTI AcademyDownload
Gujarat History By JobGujDownload
Gujarat History Hand Made Material By Learn gujaratDownload
History MCQ By Shixan JagatDownload
Gujaratno Itihas By Guj MaterialDownload
Itihas Gujarati Book By NIOSDownload
Kathiyawad Na Rajvio By LearngujaratDownload
Mahagujarat Andolan By Guj MaterialDownload
Pauranik YugTeachin KishanDownload
History Material Pdf By LearngujaratDownload
Solanki VanshTeaching KishanDownload
Vaghela VanshTeaching KishanDownload
પ્રાગૈતિહાતિક કાળTeaching KishanDownload
Maurya YugTeachin KishanDownload
Gujaratma Islamik Saltanat no Itihas LearngujaratDownload
Gujarat no Madhyakalin Itihas LearngujaratDownload
Gujarat History Gujarat Granth Nirman BoardDownload

Every year at least 35-40 prelims questions are directly asked from the GEEBs. If you read one book for the prelims it also comes handy in the mains. For Example, Geography GSEBs of class 11 and 12 and History GSEB of class 9 To 12 are the most comprehensive books which must be read by every aspirant.

Employment Office e-Rojgar Bharti Melo 2020 | Gujarat employment agency Rozgaar Bharti Mela | employment agency Various District published Latest Online Maha Rojgar Bharti Melo (Job Fair) Official notification for various Post at given below details.

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DigiLocker - Mparivhan - a simple and secure document wallet

Digi Locker - a simple and in the secure a document on a  wallet.

Digi Locker is a key are  initiative under in  a Digital in a  India, the Government of the  India's flagship program are aimed at the transforming in the India into a digitally empowered in a society and the knowledge  in a economy. Targeted at the idea of the paperless governance, Digi Locker is a platform for a issuance and the verification of the  documents & the certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of the physical documents. The Digi Locker in a website can be a accessed at the

You can now a access to  your documents and the  certificates from to your Digi Locker on your mobile devices.

1. Unique Disability Id card added.
2. New feature to the get a document through demographic are auto.
3. Minor a Bug fixes and the  improvements for a more secure and  the smooth experience.

Complete Transport Solution for Citizen

Provides a Transport Service access to the  citizens through a mobile-based are application. This app are empowers citizen with a instant access to the  various information, services and the utilities related to the Transport Sector. Aimed to the  bring a convenience to the  citizen and the transparency in the system.

It is a genuine government app for all  the India R T O vehicle registration number search. It is a  provides a complete information about any a vehicle which is a registered in India like -

- Owner Name
- Registration date
- Registering Authority
- Make Model
- Fuel Type
- Vehicle Age
- Vehicle class
- Insurance Validity 
- Fitness Validity

All this information will be a displayed in a details. 

The main benefits of  in this app are -

1. Find to a details of the any parked, accidental or a theft a vehicle by a just entering in  the registration in the number.
2. Verify your car registration details.
3. Verify details of a second-hand vehicle.
4. If you want to the  buy a second-hand car you can bee a verify in the age and  the registration details.

Along with in the above features, you can be also a verify D L details and  the create a virtual D L and RC
in this app.

Highlights: Virtual RC/D L, Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, D L/RC search, Transport in  a  Notification to the citizen, R T O/Traffic Office Locations. Complete to  a Transport Office related to the services will  be also be a facilitated  are soon..
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