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Thursday, September 3, 2020



The decision not to extend the deadline will not be extended as it will affect the study: Bhupendrasinh કુલ Total from across the state.  NSUI, on the other hand, announced in the newspapers this August that out of 2,02,420 applications, several parents had to fill up forms on the issue.  As many as 1,19,697 applications required for filling up the online form have been approved. As many as 24,045 applications have been rejected before the Primary Education Department.  In order to be able to do so, from 7th August to Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad State Education Minister gave the time of the day to the parents as to why the term can be extended till 18th August for a total of 11 reasons.  The right to education was not clarified online.  Subsequently, after the completion of the form filling deadline, many said that the private schools in the state have started online education work from the 19th to the 29th by requesting the parents to extend the deadline for filling up the online forms.  Applicants were given 10 days to apply online for Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama if RTE admission has been granted to the state today.  Thus, in order to extend the online form for required RTE admission or to extend the deadline for filling up the form by collecting rejected documents, the total period for amending the form is said to be a total of 3 days.  Is.  As this is likely to be affected, the first round of admissions cannot be made online in time for the RTE admissions by the parents during the public period.  So, the deadline for submitting a total of 2,09,50 applications of students will be extended, which will affect the teaching work.  Of which, not today's date. Thus, there is a possibility of clarification from the Minister of Education.  He further said that due to 1,12,8 from district level, now the deadline in Right to Education is now, academic year 2020- applications have been approved and 2,05 will not be extended.  Is.

21008 students will give flight exam in Gujarat University from today Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad was given.  UGC and state colleges will arrange seating arrangements for one student on one bench by September 30.  Apart from urging the Gujarat University to complete the examinations so far, the offline exams of the students have been postponed three times from September 3 and 12 till now.  Announcing the first phase to a student from tomorrow. In case of fever or any other symptom tomorrow, in case of starting offline exam, the first phase examination will start from 3rd and he will come to take the examination separately.  The exam will include Arts, Commerce and.  34 outside Gujarat University, arrangements have also been made.  The U.G. of this Science.  - In the last examination of PG, M.A.  - In Semester 4, 1759, year and all the years of the year together, 1043 students will be present in 102 centers, a total of 21008 students will be present.  Seating will be arranged.  While M.Com.  46 students of Ahmedabad and 5038 students of Gandhinagar and 4 in semester and 4085 students of external Viramgam district will appear for the examination at 22 centers of Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar district.  LLB examination seating arrangements were arranged and 22 of Viramgam got 2947 in total 102 second semester, 4 in semester.  A total of 21008 students from 102 centers will appear for the examination 2343 and 1743 students in Semester 6 will appear for the examination tomorrow.  Will give.  Will be attended by the University from 10 a.m.  In M.Ed Semester 4, the university will conduct examinations in two phases of last year 12 and 3 to 5 pm, day 581, LLM-1 153 and semester both offline and online.  What will be the arrangement in this examination after announcing to take the examination in 305 students appearing in the examination.  In Integrated Law, each college has been instructed to have twice the dates of offline examination in Semester 2, 208 in Semester 4, 203 in Semester 6 and the program has also been announced.  Social 177, 205 in Semester 8 and 178 out of 10 students will be present after the examination is postponed.

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