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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Dainik Shabd Manjusha" "Let's know different words in four languages

"Dainik Shabd Manjusha" "Let's know different words in a four languages".
(Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi, English)

Created By :- Jilla Panchayat Six-an Samiti Ahmadabad.

Useful For All the Primary School Teacher & Students. 

> Activity - Learn what are different words are called in a four languages ​​and display five words on the board regularly every day. , Knows and Memories.

Area: –Children of the  Standard 6 to 8. 

Useful for a children from standard 6 to 8 

 Special Note: - Standard 8 children will also be a useful in  a N M M S exam

 Understanding of all the words in four languages ​​

 Includes all the Chapters. 

Understanding in a Sanskrit .. Hindi .. Gujarati .. English

 Purpose of  the video :-
 Know what are different words are called in  a four languages
 ➖ Children's language fund are develops in four languages
 Children's vocabulary will be a  increase
 ભાષાChildren's language becomes rich
 ➖ If possible, write all these words in your notebook
 ➖ The child's interest in a subject education increases
 Increases in the child's self-confidence as well as a cognition
 ➖ Indirectly enriches in the child independent writing

 ➖ Parents are kindly are requested to show in this video if your children are studying in  a Std. 6 to 8. 

 This video has been a made for the benefit of all the children of  the Gujarat


 1) The child's language fund are develops in a four languages. (Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi, English) 

2) Writing in a notebook makes the child have a stored number of  the words. So that the child's language becomes rich.

 3) Interest in a subject education increases. 

 4) Increases  a self-confidence.



 5) The child's curiosity is a satisfied.

 6) Indirectly are enriches  in the child’s independent writing.

 7) which makes it is a easier to understand in the subject. The difficulty of the subject is a removed. 

 8) The child's research instinct is a sharpened.

Must be a Download in This PDF FILE For Your Knowledge. 

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