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Saturday, September 5, 2020



Submission to the Department of Education to declare the current academic year as zero year Fear: Children who do not have access to online education will remain weak in studies નથી Not only for working and rural parents.  October-November is Navratri and the government will also do educational work in schools in September. TV or online education will be inadequate for festivals like Diwali and Diwali vacation is also Navgujarat time.  In those circumstances, even if the government does not have the threat of corona in the school in Gandhinagar, it is likely that most of the schools in the state will have about four months to teach online before the new session.  Teaching on the other hand.  The way it is being taught online is not suitable for all children.  It teaches schools and especially children in rural areas to feel right in their own way.  The question of how much can be learned by the state government is not enough to provide online education on a TV channel. It is not conducive for children in rural areas with primary education being 2020-21 by some social organizations.  There is a demand to declare the rural academic year as zero year.  The working class was expensive for online education, with mass promotions being given at the primary level even in the year when the economic loss due to corona in the previous educational area was higher.  Even in this second year after that, in online education, of course, it is not possible to arrange regular phone and recharge.  This foundation is likely to remain raw for children who are weak in learning or who do not have access to online education even if 40 per cent of the course is completed in these circumstances.  Because of this, they may be at a disadvantage with the question of how much quality education they will receive in the future.  There is a fear that they will become weaker again through such incomplete studies.  Therefore, the government will have to pass this year's exam for the second year in a row. Primary children should be kept in the same standard.  It is possible that a step like mass promotion again may require the state education department to take the lead in social organization.  In those circumstances, the current year has been declared a zero year, according to a written submission, the threat of Corona is still in the submission to make the right decision.

Gujket's result for admission in degree engineering today »Gujarat Secondary Education The mark sheet of this result i.e. when the mark sheet will be available from the website of the board will be announced to the students from now on at 8 am.  Gujarat will be able to know the result. If students other than the board have given Gujkat, they will be sent through Marksheetpal's Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad.  Admission in Degree Engineering is allotted on the basis of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education results of Gujket and Std. 12 Science taken by the Board of Secondary Education.  Currently, the result of degree Gujkat will be announced on the board's website at 8 am tomorrow for registration for admission in engineering.  The result of this has been done tomorrow on a full-fledged degree in Engineering - Pharmacy.  So even after the extension of the registration deadline tomorrow, the degree is the last day.  Details of how many students in engineering have previously registered due to the Corona epidemic will be released after being postponed twice.  With this, the examination was held at the end of August for admission in the same degree engineering.  An expanded program will also be announced in this exam.  A total of 1 lakh 3 thousand students were registered for engineering and 30 for Gujkat.  Out of which the admission process in degree engineering is examined by 1 lakh students on an approximately 1 basis.  The result was given later.  The details of Gujkat's marks will be sent to the Admissions Committee by this board tomorrow morning to announce the result of Gujkat.  The result will be known from the merit list public after the students visit the board's website.  will be done .

Out of 11751, 71 students will join Merit after submission of documents. 11681 students in Merit for the third round in Commerce. 8th Final Merit students will be included in the merit list and allotment.  By category Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad Gujarat Board has 8 in EWS category, 218 in General category, 212 in SC category with Gujarat University, 2030 in Commerce colleges affiliated to SEBC, 30 in ST category, currently in the third position in the admission process.  Provisional Meritlist public rounds have been completed on the basis of two 10, 8 in General and 2 in SC for admission in Commerce College for registration of students in EWS category in other boards.  The third has been 12, 31 in SEBC and ST.  In this merit list, the round has also been included in the reshuffling round public category, 10 students are currently included in the remaining 1171 students.  The third online round has been launched.  When 21 students were instructed to fill the form, they did not submit enough documents out of a total of 15,000.  In which more than 1500 students vacated more seats.  This is not included in the merit list.  Registration has been done by taking PIN.  If admission is required, in the remaining two days in the third round, these students have been registered by the committee today.  The merit list of the college has been declared by including it in the merit list to be passed in the examination.  Allocation will be made if 21 students are included.  This year, the number of vacancies for students has been reduced to 5,000 for some reason. The number of vacancies has not been included in the merit list.  Whatever happens.

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