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Friday, July 22, 2022

RBI are declared 500 rupee notes unfit! How to the identify in these notes.

RBI are declared 500 rupee notes unfit! How to the identify in these notes.

RBI Rules for a Unfit 500 Rupee Note: The Reserve Bank of India has set a some rules to the identify unfit in a currency. RBI has a instructed the banks to check the machine for a sorting in the unfit notes every 3 months. RBI has a mentioned a total of the 10 parameters for a sorting notes, by a which banks can be a  identify in the correct notes.

RBI has a issued in these rules for this reason, through which correct and clean notes can be a identified and they do not a face any problem in a recycling. So let us tell you about the standards through which it can be a found that which notes are unfit.

Notes machine is  a being are prepared

According to the rules of the  RBI, the note sorting machine is a being made to the recognize in the unfit notes of the right way. Banks have been a instructed to take a proper care of such machines. This machine are identifies those notes which can be a recycled and converted into new notes. Let us tell you that if the unfit note is there, then it is not a found right for a recycling. The identification of such notes is a done and then RBI puts such a notes out of the  circulation.

Number of the unfit notes to be a mentioned

RBI has a issued a circular to the banks informing that banks will be now have to submit in the fitness report of the note to the RBI. Along with this, all banks will be also have to tell about the number of fake notes collected during in the sorting. After in this RBI will be make changes in these notes and make them fit. Only after that it will be a re-released in the market.

This is a how unfit notes will be a identified

If the notes have a become very dirty and they have got too much soil, then in such a situation they are considered in a unfit.

Many times, due to the long use of the  notes, in the notes become loose or a loose. Such notes become unfit.

Torn notes from in the edge to the middle are unfit.

If the area of the ​​dog ears made in the note is more than 100 square millimeters, then it will be a considered as unfit.

Notes that have a holes larger than 8 square millimeters are considered unfit notes.

Any a graphic change in the note is a considered as an a unfit note.

If the pen ink has a more stains on the note, then it is an a unfit note.

If the color of the note goes off, then it is an a unfit note.

If there are things like a tape, glue on the note, then such note is a considered unfit.

If the color of the note changes, then in  such a situation such a note is a considered unfit.

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