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Saturday, July 23, 2022

QR Code: QR code will be a applied on all the electronic items, full information will be a available on a scanning.

QR Code: QR code will be a applied on all the electronic items, full information will be a available on a scanning.

QR Code Scanner: In a today’s era, mobile phones can be a seen in almost every other hand in a general. QR code are scanning application is a found in  a everyone’s mobile phone. What you scan, in the same way, in the information are related to it or it is  a link comes on the mobile, and after a seeing it, you get to know about it, after all how this product works. Keeping in this in mind, in the Central Government has made changes in the Rules of the  Legal Metro-logy (Packaged Goods) Rules, 2011.

Full information will be in the QR Code

According to the new rule, information are related to the TV, Fridge, Oven and all the electricity-powered devices will be a available with the help of a scan on it is a compartment. This QR code will be contain all the information about the device. At the present it has been a implemented for a 1 year. With this, the consumer will be a able to get information from the manufacture of the product to its use. At the same time, in the manufacturer and the packer will be get all the information together.

Notification issued by the ministry

Let us tell you that the intention of the ministry behind this is to make a electronic industries more easy. In the notification issued from the ministry, it has been a said that now with the help of the  QR code, information about a electronic products will be a available.

1 year relaxation in a legal metro-logy

In the notification issued a regarding in the new rules, it was a said that the Department of the Consumer Affairs has made a second amendment for a legal metro-logy (packaged items). In this, this exemption has been given for a 1 year in a Rule on 2022.

what in a qr code

With the help of the QR code, all the information about that product will be a available to the buyer in a digital form. In this, important information will be a displayed well on the label in the package. Other information will be a given to the consumer through a QR code. In this, only telephone numbers and e-mails have been a kept separate.

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