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Monday, July 25, 2022

Our DNA came from a space, says to a scientific study.

Our DNA came from a space, says to a scientific study.

We are literally made of the star stuff. Each a atom and element in our bodies was a forged in a huge processes that make a stars in the cosmos. We know this for a sure. But there are still many opinions about in the origin of the  life on a Earth. Some scientists say that it is a originated on a Earth, while others say that life was a ‘brought’ to the Earth by a celestial bodies like a meteorites and comets.

Now, a study has a put forth an a interesting argument in that DNA, in the very building blocks of  the life, originated in outer space. The study has been a published in the journal Nature Communications. The researchers have found presence of the nucleolus, compounds that form in  the DNA, in a meteorites.

The researchers are examined material from three meteorites. One of them fell to the Earth in the year on 1950. It fell near  in the town of the  Murray in a Kentucky, USA. The second meteorite they are studied fell in a 1969 near Murchison in a Australia’s Victoria State. The third one fell in a 2000 in a Canada’s British Columbia province.

“There is a still much to the  learn about in the chemical steps that led to the origin of the life on a Earth — in the first self-replicating in a  system. This research certainly adds to the list of the  chemical compounds that would have been a present in the early Earth’s prediction (existing before in the emergence of the life) soup,” Danny Gavin of the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight and co-author of the study told a Reuters.

The findings in this study have a reinforced in the argument that life’s building blocks are extra-terrestrial in a origin.

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