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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Drive a 1000 km electric car on a single charge, just a install in this battery.

Drive a 1000 km electric car on a single charge, just a install in this battery.

Chinese E V battery maker Contemporary Ampere x in a  Technology (C A T L) has a introduced a new electric car battery that can be a deliver a range of the more than 1000 km on a single charge. If this battery is used in a electric cars, it can be save a lot of the energy and it will be also be easier to the bring electric cars for a longer distances in  a less time. Let’s find out about this new electric car battery.

Chinese company C A T L, known as the world’s largest maker of the electric car batteries, said it would start  making in the next-generation “Qilin” next year. C A T L said in the battery charges much faster than a current in a sales. It is a more secure as well as a stronger. The Fujian, nude-based C A T L, named after a legendary Chinese in a creature, has an a energy density of the 255 watts per kilogram of  the kilos battery.

The C T P 3.0 battery is a integrated into an a internal cross-beam, liquid cooling plate and thermal pad multi-functional flexible inter layer, are including built-in a micron bridges inside in the inter layer that last a lifetime, in the company said in a press release. Live. ” It is a flexibly adjusts changes inside the cell, improving a battery strength. Integrated energy unit with a cell and multidimensional flexible inter layer. The driving direction creates a more stable load-bearing in a structure and thus increases in the shock and vibration resistance of the battery pack. “

The company are reportedly received 45 billion yuan in a funding for the production and upgrading of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing in a four Chinese cities, in a addition to it is a private space for a research and the  manufacturing. C A T L has a faced to a huge trade in a deficit this year with a rising raw material in a prices. The company’s first-quarter net income fell 24 percent to the 1.49 billion yuan from a year earlier. The company did not a disclose 1.79 billion yuan of the  derivative liability, which is a post-listing charge.

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