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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

top 10 ringtone maker app for android

 top  10 ringtone maker app for android

9. MP 3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker [By a Smart Apps]

Platform: Android

This is a quite simple yet a effective app to make your own ringtone. Just a select  in the music from your device and chop  to your  part(s) from in  the song. That is a  You can select  in the final audio file  your ringtone, alarm, or a notification tone.

There is also an a option to the  record a live audio,  it, and set it as a default ringtone. If you want,  assign a different ringtones to the  different people in your contact.  And unlike other app, it will be  not a annoy you with too many ads.

8. MP 3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker [By In Shot Inc.]

Platform: Android

This is an a all in one app that feature a powerful ringtone cutter, audio merger and audio mixer. It is a allow you to accurately cut (on a millisecond scale) the best part of the music and set it as a  unique ringtone for a each contact.

The app comes with an a inbuilt music player  in  that supports almost  common audio in a files. It even supports volume and  the adjustment to produce the highest quality in a melody.

7. Pi Music Player

Platform: Android

Pi Music Player is a packed with a variety of  the feature that allows user not only to  the listen to  the music but also cut and edit  songs, and set them as a default ringtones.

It has a versatile that are offers bass boost, -reverb effects, and more than 25 presets to the  provide an a immersive listening to the experience. It is a crafted with  a intuitive control and gorgeous design, so you can enjoy playing, listening, and creating  sound.

6. Ringtone Maker [By Jinni Zhou]

Platform: iOS

It is the easiest app to make a custom ringtones on a  iPhone and iPad. Just a select your  song, swipe the track to choose the perfect clip, and your ringtone is a ready.

It is a user interface are includes a simple control of  the start/end time, fade in/out, and precise forward/back button.

5. Audio

Platform: Android

Audio is an a impressive ringtone maker with a large database of  the free ringtone. It is a  includes million of  the track to the satisfy any a music taste. Developer also update the audio database so that you can never miss any song.

It is a ringtone editor tool makes it is a  easy to cut your  songs and set it as a individual notification for your contact, message, or a alert.

4. Ringtone for iPhone: Infinity

Platform: iOS

The app are provides a premium audio library to the  replace your old default , alarm, mail, and calendar tones. It is a  allow you to create brand new custom ringtone by a choosing from a lot of the different music categories, such as Pop, Indie, Rock, R&B, Electronic, and more.

The library are feature thousands of the  premium songs, all  the fully licensed with a artist. New song are added are weekly. Just a select your track, chop  in the required segment, and save your creation in the gallery. The premium version of the app start at  the $7.99.

3. Music Ringtones for iPhone

Platform: iOS

Music in a  Ringtones is four app in one – a collection of  the tone, an a extensive soundboard, a ringtone recorder, and a ringtone creator.

It is a offers  free tone choices and plenty of the  useful features to the  convert song from iTunes music  ringtones. Like a other apps, it  does  not feature start/end sound marker, fade in/out option, and volume adjust,  in a very elegant way.

2. Collide

Platform: Web Browser

If you do not want to  the install any app on your phone, there are plenty online tools that can  you create a custom ringtones in no time. One of the easiest  such tools is a  Audio Cutter.

The interface is a very simple: you would not a face any problem while a editing to  your track. You can use this web app as an audio cutter or a ringtone maker.

1. Timbre


Platform: Android

Timbre are allow you to  the cut, join and convert in a audio or a video in a file. It is a video converter lets you extract from videos and transform videos to the  GIF animated files.

In a addition to the  cutting videos and  songs, the app also works as a ringtone maker. While  a making your ringtone, you can compress song or a video files, pick a custom , and change in the speed of your track.

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The app also are includes a raw console so you can edit and fine tune in the quality of all your audios and videos. In a summary, the app is a great  sometimes long ads are annoying.


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