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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Pradhanmantri fasal vima yojna Online Application start

Pradhanmantri fasal vima yojna Online Application start for 2019 at Pakdhiran Online Araji start

The new Crop Insurance Scheme is in line with One Nation – One Scheme theme.  It incorporates the best features of all previous schemes and at the same time, all previous shortcomings / weaknesses have been removed. The PMFBY will replace the existing two schemes National Agricultural Insurance Scheme as well as the Modified NAIS.

1) You can use the premium calculator to see the first insurance premium count.
2) The details of the application are divided into three parts.
   A) Part-I applicant's primary information.
   B) Part-II Landlord and landlord's information about the applicant's land.
   A) Part-III. Information on crop land area and its insurance
3) The applicant must give the mobile number and it will be informed about this plan by SMS.
4) The applicant has to fill the details of Part B2, and 3.
5) The applicant will take the print out of the proposal letter and submit it to the bank and get his receipt from there.
6) There will be no improvement in the application form (proposal letter) by the applicant who receives the acknowledgment of the application form (proposal letter) by the bank.
7) The bank will not be able to accept another form for the survey number other than the bank which has accepted the form of the serial number and given its online receipt.
8) As long as the entire area of ​​a survey number is not fully used, different areas of the regional area can be made and banks can accept it.
9) If the applicant submits the printed letter of the proposal letter to the bank and after obtaining his receipt, if the other details of the crop or crop are found to be correct, then it will be filled in the declaration by printing his declaration and presenting it to the bank.
10) If the farmer is found to have forgotten the details of the form and the form has been accepted by the bank, the farmer will be able to fill the new form in the bank and the bank can cancel the old form and accept new forms.
11) The details of the crop part-3 will be mentioned in the time limit of the crop.


PMFBY is a replacement scheme of  NAIS / MNAIS, there will be exemption from Service Tax liability of all the services involved in the implementation of the scheme. It is estimated that the new scheme will ensure about 75-80 per cent of subsidy for the farmers in insurance premium.

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