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Monday, October 17, 2022

What is a back linking in a digital marketing? What is a back linking in a digital marketing?

What is a back linking in a digital marketing? What is a back linking in a digital marketing?

If you also do blogging or you also have to  a website, then you must be  have known about back links. But do you know what back links are? How important role do these back links play to get a good ranking in a search engine result page? If you do not know, then in this post you will get a information about it. Because through in this post we will talk about a back links. Will try to the  give you as much information as a possible about back links. When we talk about a off page SEO, first of all we think of the  back links.

This is also true to a large extent because out of more than a 200 ranking factors of  the Google, back links are an a important ranking in a  signal. Yes, there is not only back link in off page SEO. But today we will talk about a back link only. Click here to buy a course on a Graphic Designing- Graphic Designing Specialization Course  

What are back links?

Through a  back link, we can connect two a websites together.

It can be said that it is also a way to go from one website to the another. Suppose there is a website A and the link of that website is a given on another website B, then it would mean that website A has got a  back link from a website B. Whenever in the URL of a site is in the form of a link to the another site, then that link is called a back link. Any link becomes a back link only when it is on a another site.

Meaning in that it is a  necessary to have a two different websites to the create a back link.

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Types of  the Back links Although earlier people used to give a more priority to only two types of the back links. Those were du follow links and no follow links, but since in the new link spam update of the Google in a 2021, some other types of the  back links have also a become important. Which you also need to know about. 

There are mainly 4 types of  the back links 

Do follow in the link 

No follow back link 

Sponsored in a back links 


Why is it important to the create back links?

You must be have a heard that it is a necessary to the  create a back link to bring your website to a good rank in a Google. Have you ever tried to know what is the connection between building back links and Google ranking of our site? Why does Google rank to a website on the basis of its back links?

 You tell why when you give to a link to another website in your website. What is the reason behind in a giving back link to a website. Mostly we give a link to any other website in our website only so that our readers can get more and more information about something are easily. He could access that website. Most of the reason we give a back link to the another website is one of these.

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Do you give to a link to any such website in your website? 

 Most people only give back links to the website that they use and others they are trust. Google wants to rank in the same website at the top in the search, which is more useful for a people and is also a reliable. Similarly, if a website gets back links from a many good sites, then Google makes that site useful and trustworthy for a people and it increases in the ranking of that site in its search. That is why backlinks are very important for a any website.

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