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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Top Career Opportunities in a Biotechnology, know what are the top career options in the field of the Biotechnology here.

Top Career Opportunities in a Biotechnology, know what are the top career options in the field of the Biotechnology here.

Hello friends, With in the changing times, more or less changes keep happening in a many areas. One of such fields to be a changing is a biotechnology. In today's era, the importance of the biotechnology has a increased many times more than before. Be it food, health and wellness, or a lifestyle and lifestyle, biotechnology is a adding new dimensions to everything in our world that matters to us and our ecology. Is. According to a recent research, in the global biotech market is a projected to reach U S D 727.1 billion by a 2025.

And with this, in the Indian Biotech segment is a expected to grow significantly in the coming years, which is going to require lakhs of the trained talent in this sector.

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Some of the important academic, research, industry sectors where opportunities abound for a trend biotechnology professionals are as follows -


Disease diagnostic

Genetic Engineering

Mari-culture / Aquaculture 

Food and Nutrition

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Desert Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

Cosmetics R and D


Nano Biotech

Textile Industry

Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology

And now let's talk about some important in a profiles which are attractive job options for a Biotechnology in a Professionals -

Medical Scientists

Biomedical Engineers


Biological Technicians

Medical and Clinical Lab Technicians



Bio-manufacturing Specialists

Bio-production Operators

Process Development Scientists

how to get a training

Many colleges and universities in a India offer B.Tech/BS c and Integrated (B.Tech + M.Tech) courses in a Biotechnology. Candidates can do these programs after completing 10+2 in a Science stream (PCB/P C M B/P C M). Whereas in a Biotechnology, M Tech/MS c requires  in the student to have a completed Bachelor's degree in a Engineering, Medicine and Life Science etc.

Some institutes also a offer 1-year diploma courses in a Bio-sciences (especially Bioinformatics), for which students can be a opted for a along with a regular B.Sc.

Students interested in a choosing research as a career are required to pursue Doctoral Studies (PhD), which can be a opted to do either from a recognized in a  Indian university or a any reputed foreign university.

Attractive salary in a opportunities

Tech degree in  a Biotechnology are recognized by a U G C, a student can be get a excellent salary ranging between Rs.30,000/- to Rs.50,000/- per month. Whereas after completing to a degree in I B T - Integrated Biotechnology (B.Tech + M.Tech) or a master's degree in a Biotechnology, to your starting salary can be a Rs 50,000/- per month or more.

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