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Monday, October 17, 2022

How to the create a SEO audit in a portfolio? What is a SEO Audit and how to do SEO Audit?

How to the create a SEO audit in a portfolio? What is a SEO Audit and how to do SEO Audit?

Today, through in this post, we are going to give you information about a SEO audit, through which you will be able to do SEO audit of your website. If you also want to the improve in the SEO of your website, then you must do SEO audit of your website at the least twice a month and remove negative SEO. This has to a negative impact on the ranking of your website. Click here to the buy to a course on a Graphic Designing- Graphic Designing Specialization Course  

What is a  SEO Audit?

Website is a full s. E. O. After a inspecting its negative S. E.

O. Audit takes a place. s. E. O.

Through audit, you can get to  your website good ranking in a Google. Due to which your website will be perform well in a search engines. 

How to do a  SEO Audit?

Next in this post, we will also tell you in  the SEO checklist. By following in  the steps mentioned in it, you can access to  your website's S. E. O. can improve. You can increase in the ranking of your site. So now let me tell you the steps. s. E. O. All the points of the audit are -

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Make to your website mobile friendly  

At present, most of the users use in the internet from mobile, so your website should be a mobile friendly. Is a  important. 

Troubleshoot website are indexing 

For a any website to be a ranked in the search engine, it must first be a  indexed in the search engine, because Google ranks in the same web pages in the search engines which are indexed. 


Website are Speed ​​Check to your site speed by a optimizing to your website and using a plug-in like a WP Rocket. If your website is a well optimized then a WP Rocket has the ability to increase in the speed of your website to a great extent. 

ALSO A CHECK-  How To Start A Graphic Design Career in a 2022? 8 Graphic Design Trends In a 2022  are  Improve  website's on-page SEO The on-page SEO of the website is a completely in your hands. The better on-page SEO you do, in  the more likely your website is to rank well in a search engines. 

Analyze a  back links

Back links are an a important factor in a  improving the ranking of a website. Therefore, it is a important to the  analyze in the back link of your website as well. 


Broken Links You can use in the Broken Link Checker tool to the detect broken links in your website. This tool works for a free. Finds all the broken links on your website. Along with this, you can be also a install in the Broken Link Checker plug in on your Word Press blog. 

Through in this blog post, we are learned how to do SEO audit of your website and in this post we have also given you in the checklist of  the SEO audit. By following which you can be easily do SEO audit of your site. Along with this, we have also a told you about in the tools for a conducting SEO audit. Hope you liked it. 

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