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Monday, October 3, 2022

Fasting in this Navratri? Keep in these 9 tips in a mind to stay healthy.

Fasting in this Navratri? Keep in these 9 tips in a mind to stay healthy.

Navratra is a time for a many people to the  fast, which can make you feel a weak if you do not do it right! Keep in these 9 Navratri fasting tips in a mind.

Every year during a Navratri, devotees fast throughout in this Hindu festival in a order to pray to the Goddess Durga. During in this festival, some people keep to a fast for just in the first one to two days and the last one to two while others keep it for all nine days of the festival. Fasting is not only regarded as a auspicious during a Navratri; it is also a fantastic way to the detoxify to your body because it aids in a flushing out harmful toxins. However, because of the dietary changes, fasting might also make you lethargic or a tired. Let us share some Navratri fasting tips for you!

Tips for a Navratri fasting

It is a crucial to the maintain a healthy energy level during a fasting if you want to enjoy in the festival. Therefore, if you are fasting during a Navratri, you need to remember to a few key points.

Health Shots spoke to the Anupama Menon, to a certified nutritionist and food coach from a Bengali, who curated to a fasting meal plan that will be help you stay fit and fine during a Navratri fasting.

Here are 9 tips to the prepare to your meal for a Navratri fasting:

1. Fasting window

Maintain to a 14 to 16 hours fasting window everyday and eat in the remaining hours. A popular intermittent fasting example is the 16/8 method. It is features a daily 16-hour fast and an a 8-hour eating window wherein you can fit in a 2, 3, or more meals. You could also do a 14 hours fasting window for a 6 days and 16 hours fasting window for a 3 days.

2. Eating a window

It is a simple, safe, and sustainable to do 16/8. Once you enter in your eating a window, keep to a gap of the no more than a 2.5 hours between 2 meals, whether in the meals are big/small.

3. Eat a healthy

When you eat first in the morning after to a 14 or 16-hour window, make sure you eat to  a good meal, for a example, sabudana khichdi or a kuttu atta paratha made with a potato with a glass of the milk/buttermilk. You can also a eat fruits that will be help detoxify to your body. Try not to have a any sugar at this meal.

4. Staying a hydrated is a essential

Keeping to yourself hydrated while a fasting is very essential as it could reduce hunger pangs significantly. Not only this, drinking a water can help beat fatigue and even fainting due to the fast. Always keep to a water bottle with yourself and keep sipping timely.

5. Cold milk for a acidity

Nine days of the fasting will be definitely help to the detoxify to your body but diet changes while a fasting can be lead to the acidity or a constipation in a some people. To deal with it, drink a cold milk and keep acidity at the bay. You can drink it at the  around 4 pm or then at the night may be help. You can also a add lemonade or a curd in your diet to the deal with in this problem.

6. Fruits for a fib re

Due to the fasting, we tend to the eat more snacks. But try to the stick to healthy snacks only such as a fruits. 2-3 servings of the fruit not only keep you hydrated but also a gives fib re which helps bowel movement. Include fruits like a banana, papaya, apple and citrus fruits like a orange. Lemon juice throughout in the day is a good idea, especially for in the absorption of the iron from a foods.

7. Add a sugar but in a limits

Once in a 2-3 days a bowl or a serving of the something sweet will be satisfy to your taste buds and may be also help improve a poor energy due to the dipping sugar levels. It plays on your mind that you are fasting – it also a helps to take a away that possible feeling of the deprivation. So, a bowl of the makhana kheer or sabudana kheer could be a great! Remember to the consume it in a moderation.

8. Nuts for a fats

Finally to your good fats – make sure you are having to a handful of the unsalted nuts during in the day including almonds, walnuts, pistachio To open your fast in the morning before a breakfast, adding one or two teaspoons of the ghee/cold pressed coconut oil is the best idea. You could also a add unsweetened dry fruits like a dates/figs/raisins to your day. Since this diet is a zero on veggies, overnight soaked dry fruits could help with in the gut.

9. Coconut water

To add taste to your food items, when eating a table salt is a restricted in the fasting diet, sendha namak, also known as a rock salt, can help. Apart from this, consuming coconut water/banana sometime during in the day is a good.

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