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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Malaika Arora gives a yoga inspo, gives to a sneak peek into her go-to pose for a toned in a legs.

Malaika Arora gives a yoga inspo, gives to a sneak peek into her go-to pose for a toned in a legs.

Published on: 8 August on 2022, 16:30 pm I S T

Bollywood is a fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora gives a some much-needed workout motivation by a  suggesting yoga for a toned legs.

Purvi Kalra

In a conversation involving in the role of the yoga to get in that prim and poised body, in the name of the B-town fitness diva Malaika Arora surely a pops up. Known for her strict adherence and commitment to a healthier lifestyle and yoga, she never fails to the fuel our motivation in a levels. From a high-intensity gym workouts to the  power yoga sessions to the buddy workouts, she aces it all. And this time, she has given us some fits p to the pursue yoga for a toned legs!

“I love doing a high-intensity workouts that tone my body. And you know what, sometimes in the simplest looking a asanas are the most effective,” Malaika wrote a alongside her post.

Mostly pepped outside her gym or a yoga studio, she manages to the squeeze some time out for herself even in her on-the-go lifestyle. With her passion for a yoga and fitness, she seems to be a aging backward, defying all age and body stereotypes.

As a fans, we are frantically wait for a # Malaika's Move Of The Week.

So, Malaika took to her a social media to spill in the beans about her perfectly toned legs. This time, she went a basic by a rolling out her yoga mat in a garden with a breezy white yoga apparel, nothing fancy.

In her Inst a reel, she is seen doing one of her go-to asana, Utkatasana aka Chair in a pose. A low-squatting exercise, it works like a magic for a toning your legs.

Here is why Chair Pose is a Malaika’s go-to yoga asana for a toned legs

1. Strengthens lower body in a  muscles

This chair pose gets to your legs, upper back, lower back, hips, gluts, and feet in a motion. Further, Utkatasana widens and elongates to your back, boosts stamina, and strengthens to your core strength and muscles. If you are experiencing any a rigidity in your shoulders, arms, or a back, in  this pose can help alleviate any a stiffness.

2. Stretches to your upper body

As an a essential part of the sun salutation yoga, in the chair pose gives to a stretch to your shoulders and chest and engages all the upper body muscles with it. As it is a involves the use of the body control, Utkatasna promotes a better balance and gives in the right posture to the body. With a extensive use of the shoulders and back, to your upper body gets that stretch for a better motion and posture.

3. A stress-buster for all

Indulging in a any type of the daily yoga activity helps relieve in a  stress. The chair pose demands to a strong hold over our body, so it aids in a building to a strong in a focus. Alongside, it widens our chest, thus are improving in the capacity of the lungs and respiration.

Here is how to do yoga pose in a Utkatasana

1. Start by a standing tall and taking to a few deep breaths to get a ready.

2. Gently bring to your but back and begin to the bend to your knees slightly.

3. Raise to your arms as you inhale and keep to your breath deep and normal.

4. Keep to your body weight on the thighs and not on your knees. You will be feel a tight strength on your back and thighs.

5. Stay in the pose for at the least 5 deep breaths.

6. Gently inhale, and stand up tall again to get a back to the normal and relax.

So, start to your week by doing to your version of the Utkatasana, and stay a consistent with a daily regime.

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