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Monday, March 7, 2022

top 10 trusted money making app


top 10 trusted money making app


1. Roz Dhan

Rozdhan | Top Money Earning Apps In India

Roz Dhan is one of the most trusted app that is best-known for earning money online. It is an entertainment app offering multiple options such as earning rewards for inviting friend, participating in contests, reading the news updates, installing other apps, playing games, completing surveys, etc. 

Have you ever thought of making money along with burning calories? You might be glad to know that one can even earn money by walking and counting their step with this app. Some other task that help you make bonus revenue include checking your daily horoscope, visiting famous  and solving puzzles. 

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2. Meesho


Signing up with Meesho can help you become  entrepreneur. It is an excellent reselling site that provide you with flexible options for people who want start their own business online. 

No matter if you are a student  and looking for earning without investing capital. You just need  download this app, choose the product type, and category you want  deal in. You will get the wholesale price for all the products over this enormou reselling platform. 

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3. PhonePe

PhonePe | Top Money Earning Apps In India

PhonePe is the original UPI harbinger in India. Signing up with this app will offer you various cashback deal on specific payments and get you various cash reward by referral. The earned reward  directly credited to your bank account. 

PhonePe is considered to be one of the safest app to make payments where seamless transactions take place at a faster rate. The cashback is earned on certain online payments, mobile or  recharge, electricity or water bill payment, etc. This payment merchant app is available on Android and iOS platform.

4. TaskBucks


  one of the best money earning apps in India that help you earn bonus revenue for executing simple task such as downloading other app, visiting other websites, viewing ads and videos, referring to your friend or relatives, sharing opinions, completing surveys, and participating in contest. From referrals, you can earn up to Rs. 70 per day through . 

You can earn up to Rs. 70 per day through referrals. Yes, you have heard it right! This app  not available on iOS. Only Android user can take advantage of this app. 

5. MooCash

Moocash | Top Money Earning Apps In India

You can earn money through MooCash by playing games, watching videos, and completing survey. This app pays you in cash, paid recharge voucher, and bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

The app is best known for entertainment; getting rewards for watching entertaining video, what else one could wish for!

 also provides the user with various gift cards of Google, iTunes, and Amazon. It also allows you to earn cashback on mobile recharge and offer free game codes and free vouchers. The reward can be redeemed once you accumulate 3000 coins in the app.

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6. Databuddy


Databuddy app rose to prominence  Paytm cash niche. You can make decent money with this app by downloading specific apps, sharing pictures and on social media platform, and completing task.  

The app lets you earn cashback by shopping on multiple e-e-commerce stores, including , Amazon, , Myntra, and many more. Primarily this app acts as the middleman between the interface and your  wallet. 

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Wonk | Top Money Earning Apps In India

Wonk is one of the biggest platform where a plethora of online tutoring is earning ample revenue. The app does not only provide it services within Indian boundaries but  across the world. 

It is an impressive platform that helps people earn a piece of living and enhance their teaching skill and effectiveness. To apply  an online tutoring profile, one needs to have:

A graduation degree

Good communication skill

Student empathy and a good listener

Expertise in using internet-based tools and resources  online teaching

Subject matter proficiency

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8. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Reward is one of the most famous money earning app in India. It is a paid survey app that offer you to pay for completing surveys for cash. 

Signing up with this app  straightforward. Just after you download the app, create your account register yourself. Once you sign up, answer quick survey and earn Google Play Credit with this app. 

It provide you with another opportunity to earn money by asking you a simple set of question. If you answer those questions,  will pay you up to Rs. 32 for each answer. The question it asks may include what your ideal travel destination is? Which product has a significant demand? Which promotion is most compelling?  any other.

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9. Loco

Loco | Top Money Earning Apps In India

Loco is one of the best money earning app that allows users to earn money for watching gamer play games. Isn’t it incredible! You are being paid for leading a live streaming platform for  Indian gaming community. 

This app is free  download, and you are allowed to play game in all preferred language, including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil. The feature and the opportunitie this app provides have made it widely known, especially among school and college student. 

10. mCent


Want to earn money for simple referral tasks? mCent app is the most feasible option for users who focuses on getting money rewards for referrals. It also allows you to earn free mobile recharge through a set of tasks such as downloading specified apps, visiting other website, watching videos, and opening affiliate link. 

This app links your  account for seamless processing of cash rewards. With t, you also do not need to worry about your data pack, as it also reward its users with a free data pack, which applie to all mobile networks in India.

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