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Thursday, March 3, 2022

top 10 best dating apps india 2021


      top 10 best dating apps india 2021



Don’t tell me you haven’t heard  Tinder once in your lifetime! Tinder is most popular dating  among . The major reason for its popularity are; easy to sign up, easy to  and complete privacy protection. 

Also, you’ll be amazed to know that connecting  people on Tinder takes less than 2 minutes. The platform has a unique algorithm that make the matching process easy and convenient for users. You can make searches based on filter. 

This app has both a free  well as a premium subscription. In a free subscription, users get limited match option while the premium subscription promises a seamless dating experience. You get a notification whenever someone like your profile or sends you a match.

Installs: 100 million-plus downloads on Google 

Ratings: 3.3 stars

Reviews: 4 million-plus reviews



2) Bumble

Bumble is one of  widely used dating apps in India. The most beloved feature of this app is, when a match is found, it is the female who has to initiate  conversation. By breaking all the stereotypes  Indian society, Bumble is ruling the heart of its user. 

, in the case of a homosexual couple, either one can start the conversation. The most intriguing feature about Bumble is that you cannot find fake profile on Bumble. It verifie the profile photo of the user during the registration proces.

Not only can you find matches on Bumble, but it’s also a recognised app to network, and build social relation with people. 

Also, do you know overall 60% of the total matches  Bumble result in conversation? Apart from the amazing feature, Bumble’s privacy policy is highly reliable. To maintain security and privacy, user can always block, or report a profile if they find it to be suspicious. 

Installs: 10 million-plus downloads on Google

Ratings: 3.4 stars

Reviews: reviews




3) OkCupid

OkCupid is presumably one of the best dating app in India. The matches on this platform are not based on picture rather a series of question. These questions ensure that there is a similarity between the matche. 

The users can easily connect  people sharing common interest through this app. The messaging and the virtual dating feature of is a boon! 

Not only these, but you are also to browse for matches based on your geological preferences. What’s more? No irking ads! Now that’s what  pleasant dating experience looks like!

 Also, you can always block people on this app they sound unpleasant. This protect the integrity of the user.  

Installs: 10 million-plus downloads on Google 

Ratings: 3.8 stars

Reviews: reviews




4) TrulyMadly

Though less popular, TrulyMadly has some amazing feature with a strict privacy policy to ensure the platform is free from scammer. The platform has stern procedure to pass the profile verification process. Please ensure  fill in genuine information to get your profile verified. 

Once you’re verified, you can search for date and like the profiles you feel are interesting. If both sides have liked the profile, a match has been made. There  a feature known as trust score. The higher the trust score, the more chances of getting  right match. Trust score help you gain credibility. Also, connecting other social media profiles with  can increase your overall trust score. 

The platform suggests matches as per your interests and like. You can also earn an endorsement from your friend, colleagues to increase your trust score. Also, connecting other social media profiles with  can increase your overall trust score.  

Installs: 5 million-plus downloads on Google 

Ratings: 3.3 stars

Reviews:  reviews.




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5) Doobdoo

Doobdoo is one of the best Indian dating app and is absolutely free.  guarantees safety for girls. The takes quick action on any fake profile or hate speeches complaints. Furthermore, if any wrong  in the profile is found, it gets immediately suspended. Each and every function is free on .

The app enable user to find dates through its advanced GPS-based search that can be narrowed makes it easy for singles with busy schedules to meet other people in person and build meaningful relationships together.

Hate it when you haveswipe away profiles just because they’re not compatible with your interests? Let Matchmaking from  save the day! Using its advanced AI technology, the app screens your hobbies and interest, then matches them with other users of the app. All you have to do  swipe less and start chatting and dating.

Virtual dates are more popular than ever before. So much so that they are becoming the norm  many people. Virtual-themed dates like video game date, coffee dates, and more have become all the rage. The  Indian Dating App enables people to do just that.


Installs: 10000+ download on Google Play Store

Ratings: 4.2

Reviews: 300+



6) Happn

Did you ever  a lane with a person and developed  secret ? , did you get the opportunity to strike conversation? Even if you didn’t, worry not! With  you can check the people you crossed path with and like their profile. If they like  congratulation, that’s a match! 

Do you also get  when you receive unnecessary messages from bots and scammers?  you do not have  fret about them. This app’s algorithm strictly refuses login of bots and scammer making it one of the safest online dating platform in India.

Installs: 50 million-plus download on Google 

Ratings: 4 star.

Reviews: 1 million-plus review.




7) Hinge

If you’re the kind of person who gives preference to like and interests over physical appearance, then the Hinge dating app is the right  for you! The app has a unique structure to establish user interest, pictures and like. By checking the tagline  user, you can understand what’s their common interest and later approach them. 

Even if you’re a new user,  app take only a few days to understand your preference and show compatible result. 

It’s good to connect with people who hold common interest, isn’t it? , you can connect with your soulmate! 

The app has a  as a paid subscription. The paid subscription cost you around $12.99/ month. 

Installs: 5 million-plus downloads on Google 

Ratings: 3.4 stars

Reviews: 144k reviews




8) Badoo

Are you looking for a dating platform with Tinder-like feature, yet better? If Yes, then is your one-stop destination.  is an extensive dating platform widely popular across 190 plus countries and available in more than 47 language. Though the platform may have feature similar to Tinder, it has additional interest and preference setting feature.  

In this dating app, you can find potential dates based on your preferences and interest., you can even get a list of all the dates available near you! Also, during live video streaming, other can join your video chat.

Overall, this app is highly recommended for all single, willing to get into serious long-term relationship.

Installs: 100 million-plus downloads on Google 

Ratings: 4 stars

Reviews: 5 million-plus review.




9) Flip

Flip is  amazing online dating platform that is completely free to use. It has some unconventional feature which ensure you get genuine date. The unique verification technology of this app is responsible for maintaining genuine profile on the platform.

You can find dates available at your locality. Simply like the profile which  find interesting, and within no time you can have a match on Flip.  you can alway filter your matches to find the perfect match for yourself!    

Available only on 

Ratings: 5 stars

Reviews:  reviews 



10) Woo

Woo is  amazing online dating platform, especially used by educated professional. Woo along with messaging also offers feature like tag search, voice introduction, and question-answer.

If privacy  your utmost concern then Woo is the right fit for in-built voice call system, you can talk with your date without even sharing your contact number. 

It  one of the safest online dating apps in India for women, as it doesn’t share their personal detail, location or phone number with their date. The interface of this platform is smooth and you can easily find  based on your preferences. Find the love of with Woo

Installs: 10 million-plus download on Google 

Ratings: 4.2 stars

Reviews: 1k reviews




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