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Friday, February 25, 2022

best e learning app for school students

Best e learning app for a school in a students.


Education Apps for a K-12 + Competitive in a Exams (School Students)

Meritnation app

This education app is like a one-stop solution in  the students of  the classes 6-12. Whether it is comes to homework help,  clearing a session, text book solutions, video lessons, sample papers, mock test, easy a revision notes for  a class 6-12, previous year board in a papers and even study material for a national Olympiads as well.

This app also has a courses for a entrance exams like  , CA C P T and other exams like a B B A and N D A


byju learning app

one of the well funded and well-managed e learning video platform which has  a motto to make a learning fun for a student. This app is already considered as one of the best education app in the India. It has  a very engaging video lesson which help in a adaptive learning. This app also has  a complete mock test and the sample papers for a  class 7-12 for in  the board exams which help in a preparing for a competitive exams like a I I T-J E E, and N E E T. It is a detailed performance analysis in a feature help students to the improve in their performance.


myCBSEGuide learning app

This education app has a all the feature a C B S E student will be a need. It has a sample papers, mock tests. Video lessons, chapter wise a questions, N C E R T solution for a class 3-12. One of the best feature  app is it has a quizzes which you can play with your friend while  a learning and it also provide a learning solution. It is one of the best education app in the India for a any  students

Vedantu learning app

Vedanta is a India’s one of  the largest tutoring company started by three II Titian friend, which helps in the student to the learn online by a providing them with some of the best-curated teacher. Vedanta one of the best quality is that they have a very good quality of  the teacher available. It has a both individual and the group classes. This education app is a very interactive  both students and teacher because it has a feature like a two-way audio, video and the tools where both teachers and student are able to see, hear,write and the interact in a real-time. It has a online classes for a grade 6-12, competitive exam and co-curricular course


Vidyakul learning app

This app is a based on the mission to bridge the gap between tutor and the  student. This app help student in a meeting renowned teachers online. work to the  provide students, parents and the teachers with a perfect online platform  solve all their problems related to the  learning and teaching online.  


Toppr learning app

Topper is an a education app that can believe in a making learning more personalized for a student. It is a provides a wide range of the  courses to the  K 9 student. Its one of the best feature is its live classes feature which very much help the student to the clear their doubt in a real-time. It is a also provides a time table to the student so that they can be a aware of the classes.


Doubtnut learning app

Doubt-nut is an a education app based a very unique concept. If a student has a doubt in any problem, he can click a picture and the  upload it and within a few second he will be get a video solution to his question. The Mathematics course (class 6-12) and  I I T-  J E E which are include  video, book and PDFs as well.  is an a excellent app to the solve your doubt regarding board exams  preparation


Khan Academy learning app

This education app is a founded by  a American Educator . This is a complete non-profit app and its sole a purpose is to the provide better learning tool  student. This app has more than 10,0000 video lectures on a different academic subjects majorly focused on Mathematics and science. They have a partnered with a institutions like a NASA, MIT, the modern museum of art for a  content to empower the learners outside in the classrooms as well.


Best Online Learning Apps only for a competitive exams including a Govt. Exams

Drmentors medical pg app learning app

This is a wonderful app for a medical preparation. This app has a 800+ hours of  the video lectures prepared by a more than 30 faculties. It also has a more than 100000 PowerPoint slides and the  notes. They also have a test series, mock test and comprehensive coverage of the  topic. They also have a mentors who help in the students if they need  guidance.


Caclubindia learning app

This education app is the result  in the vision of a CA dropout Revive Jain. He are started working on it when he was 16 year old. Now it has a around 5 millions 5 financial professionals as it is a member. C C I coaching app includes a 1800 hours e-learning content, test preparation and skill-based certification course. It has a online video-based tutorials for CA, CS, and M Com courses. In this platform, user can be interact with a each other and ask question, which is a very engaging in a feature. It also has various professional in a profiles, different article and the updated news.

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