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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Miss Call Hear the Story Make a Miss Call on 6357390234 and listen to the story.

Miss Call Hear the Story Make a Miss Call on 6357390234 and listen to the story.

Best kids' English picture books, Customizad learning plan, Free cartoon videos

મિસ કૉલ કરે વાર્તા સાંભળો 6357390234 પર એક મિસ કોલ કરો અને વાર્તા સાંભળો .

PalFish is an online English picture book library for all kids from 2 to 12! PalFish offers kids the best online reading experiance. Enjoy the best picture book anytime, anywhere, for free. Read with PalFish, Learn with Fun!

With PalFish, kids can browse countless well-known picture books and enjoy screen time with knowledge and fun.

What you can learn from PalFish?

* 4000+ high-quality original English picture books from famous publishers 📒📕📗📘📙
* 300+ original cartoon videos with dozens of catagories📺

* Certified Leveled Reading System to cultivate children's interest in reading & language📈
* AI Scoring to help correct kid's English pronunciation✍️
* Customized English Learning Plan, encourage kids to read & learn on a daily basis✅
* Well-designed AI Phonics Course for kids 3-10👩‍🏫

⭐️Download and start the BEST English learning experience Today!

📚Countless well-known picture books
★ Must-read series from famous publishers: Oxford, Cambridge, Scholastic and more
★ Attractive themes for children: Animals, Fairy Tales, Bed Time, Friendship, Love...

★ Classic book brands include: Clifford the Big Red Dog, Magic School Bus, Fafaria.

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

વાર્તા સાંભળવા માટે મિસ કોલ કરવાનો નંબર જાણવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

👓Well-designed Leveled Reading System
★ Scientific leveled reading system designed by professional teaching & research team
★ All picture books categorized into 26 reading levels, suitable for kids 0-12
★ Cultivate kid’s English reading habit via daily learning

🎬300+ Best-selected cartoon videos for children
★ 100+ World-famous kids songs into animated videos
★ Tell a fairy tale through funny cartoons
★ Dozens of video topics are waiting for you

❤️ Subscribe to PalFish VIP to unlock all content, and Ads Free!
For PalFish subscriptions, you can manage and cancel through Management Page on Store

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