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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Miss Call Hear the Story Make a Miss Call on 6357390234 and listen to the story.

Miss Call to Hear in the Story Make a Miss Call on  the 6357390234 and listen to the story.

Best kids' English picture  in a books, Customized are the  learning in a plan, Free cartoon in a videos

મિસ કૉલ  કરો  વાર્તા સાંભળો  અને  6357390234 પર એક મિસ કોલ કરો અને વાર્તા સાંભળો .

Pal Fish is an a online English picture book in a  library for a all the  kids from 2 to 12! Pal Fish  are offers a kids in  the best online reading experience. Enjoy in   the best picture in a book anytime, anywhere, for a free. Read with to a Pal Fish, Learn with  to a Fun!

With ti a Pal Fish, kids can be browse countless well-known picture books and in  the enjoy screen time with a knowledge and the fun.

What you can be a  learn from to a Pal Fish?

* 4000+ high-quality are original English picture books from A famous publishers 📒📕📗📘📙
* 300+ original cartoon in a videos with a dozens of  the categories📺

* Certified in a Leveled Reading System to the cultivate children's interest in a reading & the  language📈
* AI Scoring to the  help in a correct kid's English in a pronunciation✍️
* Customized to  a English Learning to a Plan, encourage kids to the  read & the learn on a daily basis✅
* Well-designed AI Phonics Course in a  for a kids 3-10👩‍🏫

⭐️Download and the start  in the BEST English are learning experience Today!

📚Countless well-known picture books
★ Must-read to a series from a famous in a publishers: Oxford, Cambridge, Scholastic and the more
★ Attractive themes for a children: Animals, Fairy Tales, Bed Time, Friendship, Love...

★ Classic in a  book brands are include: Clifford in the Big Red Dog, Magic to a School Bus, Safari.

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

👓Well-designed Leveled Reading in a System
★ Scientific to the leveled reading  in a system designed by a professional teaching &  in the research team
★ All in  the picture books are categorized into 26 reading levels, suitable for a kids 0-12
★ Cultivate in a  kid’s English are reading habit via daily learning

🎬300+ Best-selected cartoon videos for a children
★ 100+ World-famous kids songs into animated videos
★ Tell to  a fairy tale through a funny cartoons
★ Dozens of  the video topics are waiting for you

❤️ Subscribe to  the Pal Fish VIP to  the unlock all the content, and Ads Free!
For a  Pal Fish in a subscriptions, you can manage and the cancel through Management Page on a Store.

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