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Saturday, April 3, 2021



Welcome to the  Test book - The most are  trusted exam preparation app for a competitive in  a  exams. Supported by a community of  the 1.4 crore+ students, we are offer a flawless online coaching experience for a all major government exams for  a FREE. With a various sectors such as a  railways, banking, S S C etc., exams like a  S S C  C G L,   S S C   C H S L, GATE, C T E T,  R R B   N T P C, R R B   GROUP D, R R B  J E , S S C    C H S L,  S B I   PO,  S B I Clerk, S S C   CPO, I B P S   PO, D R D O  M T S, D R M C, C I L, L I C Assistant Mains, etc., we are aim at  the providing in the best learning environment with an a end-to-end preparation in the  model. We have a introduced live a coaching, free a mock tests, personalized doubts sessions, a dedicated coach and in  the PDF Notes.

Download in  the Test book app & avail  in the following:
Free a  Practice Sets of the  50,000+ questions for a better revision & practice
Live a Classes by  a renowned expert faculties.
A set of 200+ Govt & Banking Recruitment Exams
3500+ Video Tips & Tricks from Experts
Daily are Current Affairs with a free downloadable  in a PDF Notes.
Detailed  a smart analysis based on your performance with a pointers to the  improve
Bilingual: To the  enable students with  in the preparations in their preferred language
Night Mode: To  the ensure nothing stops you with your govt exam preparations
Test book Pass- Get 12000+ Mock Tests with 4000+ online classes for a  200+ exams in TB Pass.
Personal Coach- A Dedicated mentor for a each student to the  ensure proper guidance

Install in the Test book app today & get the latest exam-related updates. Our live a classes & online courses are designed to the build your confidence.

સ્પર્ધાત્મક પરીક્ષા માટે ઓનલાઇન ટેસ્ટ સીરીઝ : 

1. GK Test : 7     વિજ્ઞાન અને ટેક્નોલૉજી       👉 Test Link 
2. GK Test:6        અંગ્રેજી                                👉 Test Link 
3. GK Test:5       કોમ્પ્યુટર                              👉 Test Link 
4. GK Test:4       ઇતિહાસ                              👉 Test Link 
5. GK Test:3       ભાષા                                   👉 Test Link 
6. GK Test:2       ગણિત                                  👉 Test Link 
7. GK Test:1        જનરલ                                 👉 Test Link 
8. MAT Test:1     સંખ્યાત્મક શ્રેણી                   👉 Test Link 
9. MAT Test:2    સંખ્યાત્મક શ્રેણી-2                👉 Test Link 
10. MAT Test:3   લોહી સંબંધ                         👉 Test Link 
11. MAT Test:4   વર્ગીકરણ રિઝનિંગ ટેસ્ટ : 1   👉 Test Link 
12. MAT Test:5   કેલેન્ડર રિઝનિંગ ટેસ્ટ : 1      👉 Test Link 
13. MAT Test:6   કેલેન્ડર રિઝનિંગ ટેસ્ટ : 1      👉 Test Link 
14. MAT Test:7   દિશા અને અંતર  રિઝનિંગ ટેસ્ટ : 1 👉 Test Link 
15. MAT Test:8   સમાનતા અને સમસંબંધ ટેસ્ટ        👉 Test Link 
16. MAT Test:9   શબ્દનો અર્થપૂર્ણ ક્રમ ટેસ્ટ             👉 Test Link 
17. MAT Test:10  મહાશબ્દ કોણ ? ટેસ્ટ                  👉 Test Link

18. GK Test : 8   ગુજરાત   

👉 Test Link

Win  a over your government exam preparations for the following exams- 

S S C   C G L & C H S L Preparation App- The best of  the S S C is here! Notifications for a S S C   C G L & S S C   C H S L are released. This are marks an a important development for in  the students preparing to the  serve  in the bureaucratic positions in the country. Kick start  to your S S C preparations with our free mock tests, test series & various courses. With a Test book, you shall get a detailed understanding of all the important topics are included in the S S C in a  syllabus. 

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