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Thursday, August 20, 2020

EK KADAM AGAL-1 BY GCERT For Higher Order Thinking Question.

EK KADAM AGAL-1  BY GCERT For Higher Order Thinking Question. 

As per "One Step Forward", questions related to almost all the topics will be presented to you every week.  Solutions to the questions given each week will be presented to you the following week, including questions.  These questions will correspond to the level of students in standard 6 to 10, but it may also be that the level of questions in some week may not correspond to the standard below.  So teacher friends are requested to study the questions sent every week and discuss these questions with the applicable subject teachers.  The questions asked under "One Step Forward" may not be related to the textbook.  But these questions will need to be related to the various concepts taught in Std. 6 to 10 as well as the study findings of that subject.
Samira designs photos for T-shirts on her computer.  He prints the photo using a special paper.  The photo is then ironed and printed on a T-shirt.  The final print on the T-shirt is a mirror print of the design on the computer (like a reflection in a mirror). 

Designs developed by Sameera on her computer can also be used to print photos on plain porcelain mugs.  Sameera's friend Madhav has got 5 T-shirts and 2 mugs for an event in her settlement.  Sameera has taken Rs 500 from him as printing fee.  If the cost of printing a photo on a T-shirt is Rs.  x and printing a photo on a mug costs Rs.  If yes, select the correct equation representing the total printing charge.


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Much of the study of chemistry is about the process of one substance with another substance to produce one or more products.  You will learn more about these chemical processes in your tenth grade science course.  In this week's science course, we want to acquaint you with the stimulus.

 Sometimes, objects take a long time to process with each other, sometimes even years.  Now, when we add stimuli to such a situation, these processes become faster.  Indeed, some processes require some external energy (activation energy) to be activated.  If this energy is not available, the process cannot take place or will take too long.  Therefore, at such times special substances called catalysts are added which reduce the activation energy of this process.  Sometimes, stimulants are also used to slow down processes.  Therefore, stimulants are substances that, if added to the process, increase the rate of the process without allowing them to be consumed.  It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, etc. industries.

 At the moment many stimuli in your body are doing their job.  Enzymes are enzymes that are natural stimulants and as you study biology you will become acquainted with many of them, such as enzymes - which help to mimic our DNA or help the liver eliminate toxins from the body.  As Laurel Hammers states in a student article for Science News, stimulants are the undisputed heroes of chemical processes that sustain human society.
 In fact, you may have heard the term used in general conversation.  For example, children can be a catalyst for change towards a sustainable planet.

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