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Monday, August 31, 2020



2 lakh forms will be filled or declared against 96 thousand seats of RTE state. Verification of the filled forms will start from today.  Thus, almost twice as many parents filled the form as in the Right to Education (RTE) Act in the 1st Std-1, there were online forms in the procedure for admission.  The process of approximate filling of RTE in Ahmedabad city and rural has been completed.  There are 6,000 seats in the entire state.  For these seats, 3 lakh forms have been filled for 40 thousand RTE seats.  More forms than.  Thus, with twice as many forms being filled than the seats, there will be a huge pull for admission once the online form filling process is completed.  From Monday onwards, from Monday onwards, the district level will conduct verification of the filled forms at the district level.  Will be started.  The number of forms that will be valid after the procedure, which will continue till September 3, will be allotted to them by several guardians of the state during the period after checking the forms, sources said.  Forms were filled out.  However, following Corona, the guardians will approve or reject.  Thus, according to the information received, it is not too late to start processing the RTE for admission to the print receiving centers on September this year, when the actual number of forms is actually valid.  Would be decided and based on that was for admission in RTE.  The admission process will start in April every year and the standard will be allotted to private schools across the state, the sources said.  This time, however, 5 per cent of the total seats in Corona 1 have to be reserved for RTE students for admission in RTE, which started on August 11 following the first admission process in August.  The list will be released this year.  The list was made public and the guardians were given till August to fill up the online form for the vacant seats in Std-1 under RTE in 4000 seats in 4 states.  Proceedings for this admission were carried out.  Will be decided.

Thousands of students and professors are in trouble due to lack of coordination between the central government and the universities. If the university exams are being held in Unlock 4, then why the central government has kept the colleges closed till the 20th. Trouble for the professors in the exams. The exam can't be done. ' Central Government Harassment Examination The government does not clarify the work of supervision following the announcement by the universities to start examinations in Unlock-2. If the examination can be organized only then it is becoming compulsory for the students from colleges and outside professors. Thus, exposure will come. The professors say that all those who supervise the exams have now started colleges as well. The central government - the state government and the universities - should have an epidemic of corona due to lack of coordination between each student to sign and give and take answer books - the opinion of the professors must go. This can be a problem for both the students who are taking the exams and the supervisors who are doing the exams in the millions. If Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad students and professors are not in danger in conducting the examination, then colleges should be started now. Will be placed and if something goes wrong in it | Unlock-University authorities also recently took the state exam due to the kind announcement in the operation by the central government. Who is responsible for Gujarat University? That question will be taken up and new guidelines will be issued. Thus, on the issue of examinations, UGC, including those in which the examinations were pending in the Central Universities, the colleges in which the examinations were pending. If the exam has been taken, the professors say. In which it has been clarified that a direct meeting has been announced between the government and the state government. If Gujarat is to hold their exams in September, then colleges have been started. After intensive discussions with the states, it is proving that there is no coordination. The university has also made the announcement 10 days ago from September 9 and 12. This should also not matter. This is because the schools and colleges have been closed till September 30. The Supreme Court has recently announced the examinations in two phases on September 30. Now, all of a sudden, the central government has decided to keep students in the classrooms for examinations. Thus, there is an order to complete the examination of colleges by. Surprisingly, the state government is scheduled to meet the unlock guideline on September 30. Colleges will be closed this month, but Gujarat has. The University Grants Commission (UGC) had earlier announced that colleges would not be started until the unlock. Experts say that the administration will continue the examinations with a strange decision to give in the guideline! It does not matter if it is clear that the marksheet of lakhs cannot be given. The government's apparent lack of coherence in the use of the term "remand closed" has led to a staggering number of students, professors and so on. This announcement by the Supreme Court and the UGC has caused some universities to come. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Teachers will play important role through new education policy: Modi Agency> New Delhi The same Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the countrymen for the 68th time through All India Radio and Doordarshan at 11 am on Sunday. "We will celebrate Teacher's Day on September 5," he said. Come forward and play your part in creating challenges for the country as well as teachers with self-reliance. Have advanced. The teachers also shared with him all the challenges that have been accepted globally and today the teachers as well as the toy industry is in an innovative direction with over 7 lakh crore students. 7 lakh crore is such a big step. Then they will play an important role by making India's share in the new education policy business very small. Is. In addition to the country that has such a great heritage, he said that September should be celebrated as a mass in the toy market, whether it is nutrition or tradition. His participation should be so low that the Prime Minister wants the country in mind. In addition, Prime Minister Modi once again gave a nutritional message of self-reliance in September. He also called on the industry for people's participation in the country's toy campaign, saying it was much needed. Appealing to the Prime Minister to keep domestic breed dogs, the Prime Minister in his keynote address appealed to the countrymen to keep and raise Indian male dogs. He said that the cost of grooming these dogs is relatively low and they are accustomed to the Indian environment. The Prime Minister also recalled the bravery and sacrifices of the brave dogs serving in the police and defense forces for the country. The prime minister reminded Military Dog Rocky that he had filed 300 cases for the police. He also remembered Balram and the spirit dogs who gave their lives for the country. He served in the Indian Army. Army Dog Vidha and Sophie were also praised for their services.

The number of vacancies is increasing instead of decreasing. Despite many attempts to reduce the number of vacancies in engineering colleges, the power to fill the vacancies has been handed over to the college administrators in Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad.  The Admissions Committee has approximately 30,000 seats available for admission in degree engineering.  Even after registering for the estimated 50 seats to be filled by the committee, so far only more than 3,000 seats are likely to fall vacant for 20,000 seats.  In addition to the thousands of students currently registering, many administrators have extended the management term.  The important thing is that the quota seats have been returned to the admissions committee and even after the extension, they have been given more than Rs 50,000.  Importantly, the state government does not have the number of vacancies as more students are registered.  Even in this situation, it is certain that the seat will remain vacant to reduce it by more than Rs 50,000 or its other use.  The "special" committee was formed last year to make the most of the vacancies.  The committee formed a committee to submit the report.  Did.  On the basis of which the state government made some arrangements by some on the basis of the report of this committee.  For example, even after taking action, the situation is that the number of foreign students in colleges will remain the same as before.  It has been increased from 5 per cent to 20 per cent. In 40 degree engineering, more than 40,000 seats are vacant every year.  In order to reduce the number of vocational and skillbase courses in vacant seats colleges, 50 per cent has been introduced.

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