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Thursday, August 20, 2020



Important Educational News Updates Of Date:-20/8/2020 are Below. 
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Ready Daily Educational News UPDATES on This Site. We daily updates new & Latest Educational News updates from various newspapers Like Sandesh, Gujarat Samachar, Navgujarat Samay, Jay Hind Etc. Newspapers of Gujarat.

Central Cabinet decides to set up National Recruitment Agency to conduct Common Eligibility Test for government jobs. This test score will be valid in various recruitment exams: It will save the efforts, time, cost of millions of youth  What is Eligibility NRA then more regional languages ​​do not have to pizza out of the district involved.  On an average, the merit of 3 crore to 9 crore tests is for three years. The National Retention Agency will be merged.  This test will be valid only once in a year, there is an institution in each district which will be held at the time of prostration, there is a facility for non-gazetted banks or clerks + applicants to participate in the candidature recruitment examination.  Through the MIT they will be made eligible for application once the examination center in the examination, test center in every district for all the other government including all the recognized Hodas will be made one for recruitment in the language examination institute for any institution.  Recently in the examination Common Eligibility # NRA, the Ministry of Railways will conduct a special agency examination for the candidates. Three more airports in the country will be privatized. The agency will conduct the New Delhi Test.  Finance and Financial is an independent NRA, Services Department, Staff 3.  Some departments have decided to give CET score agency • Nerve Dihi from the season.  There will be a professional, expert organization of all literate government jobs.  At the head of the Silkfan Commission, Railway Physical and Medical Tests, only one test was conducted for the economic affairs of the Cabinet.  Prime Minister Narendra Rama has expressed his desire to select Retirement Board and Institute candidates in the Central Jobs Agency.  In the meeting of the farmers' committee in the cabinet of the central government, it was decided to form a number of agencies in the meeting of the central cabinet of off-banking personnel in 12 languages ​​for recruitment under the leadership of Modi.  Jitendra Singh will take the eligibility test.  A selection will be included. 

Education The daughters of the village get married and go to their father-in-law's house. They keep their children at their uncle's house and teach them in this school. The children of the rich study here.  School Navgujarat Time> Dhantiwada Teachers - Parents provide facilities at their own expense 1 Imagine a government school The school principal Jignesh Trivedi said that if Santarwada is a dilapidated building with pipes and students in the school, teachers, parents and villagers also help in the development of the school.  On their auspicious occasion, the image of children is spread on the psyche.  Offers gifts to be used in education.  Parents too, but the unique school in Santarwada gives useful gifts to the government children at the time of school admission.  The very definition of school has changed.  The District Panchayat Education Committee is always ready to provide financial assistance to the villagers for the development of the school.  Clean, picture of our Santarwada Primary School with government grant and cooperation of all: Mahesh Chaudhary School has all the facilities that a good private school has.  Looking at the convenient and spacious complex, it is amazing to pay practical attention not only to the poor but also to the rich etc.  The level of education here is also given to the children of the families.  The education here is proud of the high-tech education on a school's facility projector, the open air dining table for dining, the in-house painting muclium, knowingly studying the faces of academics.  One step behind the private school is the price of surprise.  The villagers are not happy with the money for the screening of science films, motivational lectures, Sanskrit lessons.  The children of the school teachers also study in the same school, a large field for sports, a huge garden, not only medicine, but also a private school near the village with a large fee.  The garden, mineral and cold drinking water system, regular parents can put in the school by looking at the emotional attitude of the teachers.  But many other wealthy people following Santarwada also have meetings, regular mother meetings, Saraswati Mata temple in the school premises, Guru-Shishya tradition is characterized.  Happens.  Granted and insists on getting children to study Renewable, Savings Bank, state-of-the-art commuter lab, Smart toilet is usually a special activity for the overall development of a poor person, Surprisingly, the facility, Best School Award, Green School Award,  Swarachh school also has its own children in government school.  Education here Santarwada and surrounding villages award, incomparable school award social, religious, general knowledge with hesitation before putting for study, there are many women who keep them in their pier for those who live and study here in mosal but, you are surprised to know government  The business office visit has gone to another village in the bride's father-in-law.  And teaches in the Santarwada school.  And that is why you should make the school a mama that technology, festivals, travel, culture should be a good education for your children in Santarwada Government School.

Urgency to sanitize examination centers for Gujkat and supplementary examinations Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has decided to take Gujkat on 9th  Apart from this, supplementary examination of Std. 12 Science will be taken from Ta.  In this situation, as per the guideline of Kovid, the health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation will have to sanitize the examination centers as well as examination rooms as well as stretches and doors.  Certificates of such action will have to be obtained by those schools.  Apart from this, the Collector has written a letter to the Municipal Corporation regarding Gujkat urging to conduct sanitization in every examination center in view of the supplementary examination of Gujkat on 9th and Rapmi on 9th.

Earlier, 35500 students had registered till the 8th. The registration period for admission in Diploma Engineering has been extended till 31st.  If the August term is extended, the term will be extended as the diploma remains.  This has extended the registration process to completion.  Why is the new admission program not to be publicly extended by the Admissions Committee after the official engineering term has been extended?  Such questions will also be raised.  For such reasons were presented.  The reality is that there is a committee for admission in . There was not enough information about online registration till the next diploma in engineering.  As it was all, 30 instructions were given in the ongoing process for admission of more than 30,000 seats.  This time the India Council of Technical was in a state of vacancy.  Of the 200 students for these seats, 300 students registered after the Education (AICTE) registered the remaining students online.  The mock round of vacancies for these students was also done with the intention of reducing the number in view of the provision made in the provisional merit list, including outsiders, if given the opportunity to revise the state academic calendar.  200 students have been included on 21st. Students have been given a chance.  It was decided to announce the result of such mockround by extending the registration period.  In addition to this list of students, some students are also considered to be different.  Which fell.  In the meantime, the students who could not register due to the choice filling of colleges for the mock round of students have registered.  The presentation was also instructed to enter for various reasons. This presentation was also the second time online registration by the Technical Education Committee to do this process.  Currently the Choice section was reached by the students.  No need on the other hand.  Has decided to lengthen the extended process for admission.  Filling proceedings are now underway.  The program, including the student body NSUI, will be announced later.

The main accused who leaked the data of GTU's online exam confession before the cyber crime that he did this so that he could not take the university exam was caught from Vadodara - GTU announces to take the exam.  You confessed to leaking electrical engineering at the university.  Aaron Varghese, who leaked the university's student data, is also a first-year student at the university studying GTU in Sem-8.  He has recently confessed to his crime against cyber crime.  Aaron Varghese 1250 registration for the online exam will also be prosecuted by the university in the coming days based on the rules of the exam.  The student is now being questioned by some students after the university leaked the degree student data.  Registration for the examination was pending.  Which did.  The student himself had further said that due to Corona, there was  research, the university had again linked the photo. The university did not take the exam.  ) Was previously offered by.  In the meantime the investigation of all these arrivals continued.  Since he is a student of GTU, before the online exam of the stage, the photo ID of the students is given.  The examination was canceled after a link was found in the investigation of the crime branch and the photos and ID proof of the students were leaked on the website.  Recently, ITM University, Cyber ​​Crime in the chapter of leaking GTU exam app to get exemption.  Aaron Varghese, a student of the year, was arrested today after he was hacked for using the exam app.  In this regard, the university has taken the cyber Thiruvalla engineering student fast by downloading F1-3, Jalanand and ID proof data.  Also complained in Crime.  Cyber ​​Township, Refinery Road, Gorwa, went viral in different places.  The student was first picked up from Vadodara in Junagadh by confessing to his crime.  The accused had taken a false account on the website and Twitter, making this confession in interrogation after the last name of a student named Mohit Chothani was caught somewhere in the country.

According to the new rules, after completing Diploma Engineering, students will be able to get admission in any branch. If the registration for 51968 seats of Diploma Degree Engineering is counted as per the registration till September 15, it is estimated that the admission committee is currently online but still has more than a thousand seats.  10 registration process has been started. Results of the year have come  Admission to Diploma in Degree Engineering is currently underway due to reservation of seats starting the online registration process for approximately more than seven thousand.  Proceedings for D-to-D, i.e. 214 seats, are for admission from Diploma to Degree Engineering.  Like Degree and Diploma Engineering, for a total of 313 seats, the process of admission from Diploma to Degree will also be online till September 15. Students will be able to register as required.  Admission to the degree from the diploma will now be available by updating the council document online.  The process has been made easier for the students who have opted for any branch for the missing subjects i.e. have not passed in certain subject as they are students and have passed the examination again but have not got admission results in different branches.  Will also be able to register.  As per the rules of the General All India Council, till now students were allowed to pursue a degree from Diploma in Degree as per the rules in the same branch where they have done Diploma in Technical Education (AICTE).  10% seats are reserved.  But now, according to the new rules, if the student has done a diploma in the mechanical branch which was vacated in the previous year, the seats are also carried forward from the diploma to the degree in civil or other branch. 

The writ petition filed by 146 students of the corporation-run medical college reserved the judgment of the High Court in the writ petition against the decision of Kovid Sahayak to MBBS students so that they can study for the entire MBS course in the entire medical college only if they study hard for six months till December.  Covering can be done.  A general notice was issued on Wednesday (July) on a petition challenging the government's decision to make state students compulsory covid assistants, despite being aware of the fact that a lengthy hearing was held in the high court if they were absent from covid training.  After hearing this, Justice Vikram Nath and Justice J.B.  Pardiwala will not come.  The bench has reserved judgment.  It was submitted in the AMC-administered writ that the students of NHL Medical College and MMC Met-Medical College are final year students and this year the examination is extremely important for their students to file a writ petition in the High Court in this matter.  They have been.  The exam is held in December or January.  The students then filed a writ petition against the compulsory covid duty at the present stage through the Coronation through a six-month reading advocate Anand Yagnik.  In which and B.Sc.  (Nursing) students are required for Corona so that they can prepare for this very tough exam in such a way that, from 13-9-2050, the state will provide the necessary training on treatment.  While Ahmedabad Mu.  The duty of the corporation under the Epidemic Disease Act by the government and then to him as a covid assistant was the argument of the corporation that currently the course provisions of the students have been implemented in the state.  This will be assigned.  How will his exam be taken if he has not completed the same as Kovid Assistant.  Under the provisions of the State Government Health and Prevention Care, Patient Screening, Examination in the presence of a doctor will not be conducted immediately in the present circumstances.  The Department of Family Welfare issued a circular on 15-9-2050 regarding the recruitment of help, counseling, control room etc. in OPD but it was argued by the students.  He is in his third year, “Medical Council of India or University.  This circular mentions that the final semester is in.  The final exam of his year can decide on the exam, Ahmedabad Mu.  It will be taken in December 2020 to deal with the Corona virus situation.  Not a corporation because of Corona this year.  So based on his statement MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, physiotherapy four - five months of his studies have gone in vain, cannot be kept.

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