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Wednesday, August 19, 2020



Important Educational News Updates Of Date:-19/8/2020 are Below. 
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Postponed offline exam of Gujarat University will be taken from 3rd and 12th September 

»will be in both the stages of examination. Following such clarification, an estimated 70,000 students will appear for all the online exams for universities by the end of September, making it mandatory to take the exam offline. In this situation, Gujarat University. Consent will be given, examination centers are unchanged as per the previous finally announced examination. As per the first stage examination Offline will be started by the university from 5th September. Exam as well as online Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad In the first phase M.A. Also announced to take the semester exam. Has come. For this the students will be completed affiliated with Gujarat University. Due to the recent corona epidemic in colleges including Arts, Commerce in instructing to give LLM 1, 2, Law Integrated Consent, the University had come up with 2, 3, M.Ed, M.Com-2 etc. Students who have been studying for 12 years on the night of 18th will have their exam canceled on 31st August. The second phase was to allow until noon. After announcing it three times so far and announcing to take it from 30th August, B.Com-2, B.A. - 1 However, on the evening of the 18th, someone was postponed for some reason. However, the education department had 21 thousand 8, BBA-2, BCA-2, BSc 3 by about 15 thousand students.

Principal posts filled in 85% of government colleges in the state Appointments to vacant posts in 39 government colleges. 

 does not have a permanent principal, there were difficulties in announcing many appointments. Has come. A total of 6 officers have been appointed for different posts in different government years of the state. Has come. Approximately the last such appointment has been made. While it was permanent in these colleges for seven years. Many more professors were facing difficulties as principals in different government colleges as principals were not promoted by the government today. The announcement comes after the vacancies were filled in the announcement of appointments for promotion in government colleges. The government has come. All those who have been appointed as professors in government colleges in the state on the basis of promotion or voluntary leave have been given 5% of the principal posts, some of whom have been urgently charged in their new posts. He has been instructed to take appointment as principal in the college. The state currently has arts, commerce and other faculties, while the appointment of other principals has resulted in the promotion of 104 government colleges, including six sciences, with some professors being promoted to principals in government colleges. Most of these colleges have filled vacancies as principals in government colleges.

SP University UG final year examination will start from. 
Anand College internal examination will be held in September Vallabh Vidyanagar based Vice Chancellor Dr. Shirish Kulkarni said that after completion of post examination by PG and UG SP University Most of the college's internal exams are being held in September. Currently online by college. Is now an undergraduate. In which the information of the planning done for education has been collected by giving the schedule of online class by 3 colleges. The final year examination of UG will be taken offline from 9th August. Has come. Thus, the university affiliated Anand is being organized by the college for the examination in imparting education even though the classroom is closed. Arrangements will be made for the internal examination in the coming September and in the college located in Kheda district. In the discussion with the principals, the service for offline examination by the university principals under most of the B.Vock Baking and Financial UG examinations, Hospitality and Tourism, Vice Chancellor Dr. Shirish Kulkarni's insistence on the final year of UG's retail management, Software Day. In the meeting held, the examination will be taken from 9th August. Event Management, B.Sc. VI decision was taken. University affiliated Anand-Semester, B.Com, BA, B.Sc Vice Chancellor Dr. Shirish Kulkarni for the examination. That said, a university-affiliated Anand-arrangement will be arranged. 8th W, BA Advance etc. BA Mass Communication, Semester examination will be taken from 6th August in the college located in Kheda district.

In the country, the announcement of "Atal ranking", GTU - Krishi Uni. In fifth place is Navgujarat Time> Ahmedabad. GTU is ranked fifth among government-funded universities by the area, an innovation of the MHRD ministry. Apart from this, Startup, Innovation and Krishi University have been ranked fifth among the agricultural universities by Anand Cell. In addition to Central Entrepreneurship, IIT Gandhinagar has also been given a place in the category of a university like IPR to promote various activities. Gujarat and Innovation Achievement (Area) University was also ranked seventh among the government and "Atal Ranking of Institutions Government Aided Universities" from 2012. Ongoing. Atal Engineering College has also been ranked among the government and grant aided colleges by Vice President M. Vekaiya Naidu in the year of Vishwakarma. There are private universities and. In which Gujarat Technological Gujarat Uni. , Parul University, University and Krishi IIT Swarnim Startup University of Anand, Universities have got EDI including Government-Gandhinagar. The Institute of Technology is ranked fifth in the country in the SIT category of grant-aided universities. Sridhanvatari Pharmacy College in other category | T Hoshi Gujarat University has also been given a total place. Nine organizations are included. A total of six categories of state private universities, such as the Center-funded institution, state-funded colleges, have also been included in the rankings by MHRD. Rating and determining the rankings of the best performing institutions in the category of running institutes, state government aided institutes, government universities of the country, private universities private and deed universities, private institutes as well as government colleges, private colleges and institutions for women. Has arrived. However, the organization that has just topped the rankings by the area has been ranked fifth.

February-July exams are held but lockdown is not held in the lockdown. Forest workers who do not take Triple C will be fired. If they are fired, there will be agitation. NSUI - Newt could not be done if any exam is held. In this situation, the employees who did not pass the Chimki C of the Triple Congress movement are being fired by the Forest Department. On this issue, due to such corona in Gujarat University, GTU and other universities, which are organizing Triple Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad C exam by the Youth Congress, it has been submitted for the last several months that Triple C exam has not been held in the country. Has been in this position. In this situation, the employees who have not given Triple C by the small forest department of class 4 of the forest department should not be dismissed. Employees have started firing. Following this issue, as per the rules, these employees have to fill up the form for the examination within a period of seven years. At present, the Youth Congress has to pass the examination of the Chancellor of Gujarat University. In the year 2013, when there is one, there is an urgent need to organize the Triple C Exam at various levels, including the presentation of the contract of the Class 3 employees in the Triple Department. Seven of these employees should not dismiss these employees. If so, the Youth Congress and NSUI have demanded that the dismissal of the employees be done as they have to pass the examination in a period of one year. In the year 2020, between February and July, there was a threat of agitation all over the state for the examination. They also filled the appointment forms of the employees in different government departments. It is during this period that the country has been given by the Youth Congress.

The first round of admission process will be announced on September 11. The admission process of RTE for Std-1 will start from today. The guardians are held on August 29. However, Corona will not have to be submitted this time. Due to the situation on August 29, the online form could not be started till the deadline for filling up the online form in April. After that from 31st August to 7th September, the state education department can verify the official announcement of online form admission at district level on 7th August. As the number of forms for admission under this procedure increases, after the announcement of the official program of the Right to Education (RTE) Act in the state of admission, the online form for admission to Std-1 under the eligibility for the process will be considered as an online form. Then the education department will start from Wednesday. Parents will be able to submit the online form under RTE for admission to Std-1 under 11th September RTE. 

 Will announce the first round to find time to collect. This time, the parents were given a printout of the completed form at the RTE's first receiving center on September 11, with a deadline of August 18 for Corona's status. Vacant seats will not have to be submitted after the completion of the round, but parents will have to keep this printout as the decision on RTE will be taken from Wednesday onwards. 29 online sources for admission in Std-1 said. After filling the online form by August, the process of filling 21 forms will be started. Verification for admission in Std-1 under RTE will start from 1st June while 11th this procedure will continue till 29th August. That is, children who have completed five years by 2020 will be eligible for admission within 1 day of the first round of the admission process to public parents in September. This time RTE will be done. There will be time. During this period, according to the information received, the single girl child category was also added in the state, all the parents of RTE in Std-1 in the state have filled and submitted the online form. So that the parents will take action in the month of April for the admission of only one daughter in the child. This time those who have a printout at the receiving center will also be given priority in admission.

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