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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Startup India Mission Detail

Startup India Mission Detail

The government is focusing more on Startup India Mission
If you are willing to invest Rs 1 lakh, you can earn Rs. 14 to 13 thousand per month.
Under the Prime Minister's Currency Scheme, you can apply to any bank
Utility desk. The government is paying close attention to the Startup India Mission. Under this mission, the government provides loans to start a new business. If you are looking to start a business in this regard, there is one important thing to know. With less investment you can join in with regular income. If you are willing to invest only Rs 1 lakh, you can get an income of Rs 14 to 13 thousand per month. The product made from metal can also be made under the manufacturing unit from cutlery to hand tool and even some tools used in farming. Cutlery demand is in every house. If you are able to better market your product, then the business can be further enhanced.

Setup Costs

1.8 lakhs rupees. It will come with machinery such as welding set, buffing motor, drilling machine, bench grinder, hand drilling, hand grinder, bench, panel board and other tools.

Expenditure on Raw Material: Rs 1.20 lakhs (Raw Material for 2 months) According to the report, 40 thousand cutlery, 20 thousand hand tools and 20 thousand agricultural implements will be prepared in this month for such raw materials.

Celery and other expenses: 30 thousand rupees a month

Total cost Rs 3.3 lakh

It will have to show only Rs 1.14 lakh from itself. At other costs, the government will help by providing a term loan of Rs 1.26 lakh and a working capital loan of Rs 90,000.

This is how earnings will be made

The month sales of Rs 1.10 lakh are estimated by the product which will be prepared in the Estimate provided in the project report. It will cost Rs 91,833. That means gross profit will be around Rs 18,167. It has to deposit Rs 2,340 per month at 13% loan interest rate. While the incentive will cost around Rs 1,100 per 1%. That is, the net profit will be Rs 14,427 a month.

The application can be made in this way

For this you can apply to any bank under the Prime Minister's Currency Scheme. For this you will have to fill out a form, which will have to fill in the details of the name, address, business address, education, current income and how much loan you want.


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