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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

School Monitaring Application Antargat HM Deskboard Upyogma leva babat Latest Paripatra

School Monitoring Application Gargantua HM Desk-board Pygmalion lave Rabat Latest Patriot.

Transcript Download Kara niche link open Karo.

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Email ma : Dis Code Lakota.
Password ma : 123

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 C R C Monitoring System is to the  facilitate School and Class observation on the Android in a platform for a easy and the  smooth monitoring in a  system. Useful in managing inspection related activities of competent authority and also monitor the performance of the school
This mobile app allows you to monitor the school by storing the following information.

1) Type of School
2) Infrastructure of School
3) Location of School
4) Teacher Information of School
5) Student Information of School
6) Transport facility of School

Online monitoring of the regular academic activities of the  primary schools across in  the State will be done using 'Odis-ha School Monitoring App

Download a Primary School Monitoring Tool ask a 50 for a Android. ... Using A P K Pure App to the upgrade Primary School Monitoring Tool

School Monitoring Application are Gargantua HM Desk-board Pygmalion lave a Rabat Latest Patriot

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