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Friday, October 25, 2019

Diwali Rangoli Designs All types of Rangoli Desings Kolam Designs free OFFLINE Android App.

Diwali Rangoli Designs All types of Rangoli Desings Kolam Designs free OFFLINE Android App.

Are you searching new Rangoli design or Kolam Design? If yes, then app new Rangoli designs 2017-2018 latest app is suitable for you which contains latest Rangoli designs and latest Kolam design images offline gallery.

Rangoli is one of the unavoidable part of Hindu culture and in some states people do Rangoli every day where as some other states so in special occasions and festivals like Diwali, Pongal and Onam. So it is a good idea to create a greeting card with Rangoli on to wish them special occasion like Diwali, wedding and other festival. Diwali is the also called the festival of Light and as it is celebrated to remember the victory or Lord Rama over the evil king Ravana.

Rangoli With Lord Ganesha
The Rangoli designs wallpaper 2017 app contains lots of lord Ganesha Rangoli designs.

Rangoli Design For Diwali
Diwali is the biggest festival for Hindus. So make a Rangoli on Diwali to invite the gods to your house. Let the new year begin with the blessings of Gods . Hindu culture is a mixture of local cultures spread across Pakistan, south India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand. However Diwali is the universal festival for indians. You can find Some Rangoli designs and patterns from Diwali Festival.

Rangoli with dots
Rangoli with dots are another beautiful variation of Rangoli. It is really Intersting and very simple to see. Yet it is attractive to watch. When you see these Rangoli kolam is made my normal house wife with quick moments of their hand you will be amazed.

Easy rangoli designs And Unique Rangoli Design Images
The design of Rangoli is attractive but simple & easy. Which makes it a unique Design. If have a less time, then use Easy Rangoli Design.

Tamil Kolam
In Tamil Nadu Rangoli is known as Kolam and it is a everyday affair for women. It mostly done with white powder

Latest rangoli designs OR Latest Rangoli Patterns
As the days pass by we are looking for new new things. Rangoli is also same. So you may be looking some latest Rangoli designs.

Kundan Rangoli
Kundan Rangoli is another modern way for Rangoli. It is easy to make and you can buy the material.

Peacock Rangoli Design
The Rangoli designs 2017 free app contains lots of Peacock Rangoli Design and Peacock Kundan Rangoli Designs.

Rangoli art is an adornment or decoration that has different names in different states of India; for example, Rangoli in Karnataka, Chaookpurna in Chhattisgarh, Mandana in Rajasthan, Aripan in Bihar, Alpana in Bengal, Murja in Odisha, Sanskar Bharti in Maharashtra, Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Muggulu in Andhra Pradhesh, Aipan in Kumaon, Kalam in Kerala, and Saathiya in Gujarat.

In Maharashtra, rangolis are drawn on the doors of homes. During the festival of Onam in Kerala, flowers are laid down for each of the ten days of the celebration, the design growing larger and more complex every day. In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradhesh and Karnataka, the Kolam is drawn upon the ground or floor daily.

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